June 25, 2011

Peter Falk Dies at 83

Peter Falk (16.09.1927 - 23.06.2011)

One of the iconic figures of my childhood, Peter Falk passed away on Thursday. I can't remember if I saw every one of all the almost 70 episodes of Columbo, but every one of them made me love the man even more.

His classic series, which debuted in 1971, also paved the way for later fun shows like Monk and made him one of the most popular TV detectives of all time.

According to official sources, Falk died peacefully at his home aged 83. He had long struggled with Alzheimer's, and well, what's there left to say but: Rest in peace, Mr. Columbo!

In other and less sad news, you may have observed that I've become a drooling Game of Thrones follower. I can't say anything but glorious words about the first season on HBO, since they have done a near-perfect job with the whole thing.

To find out how much I missed during my TV evenings, I ordered and got all the four available books in George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire saga for less then €20, and I hope I'll find the time to read through the almost 4000 pages during the next two years or so.

Then, I felt the need to grab a new handy after fighting with my Samsung Galaxy for two years. Samsung never updated the damn thing, so I updated it myself with beta ROMs, but it was never a perfect experience.

So I decided to upgrade my inventory with an HTC Desire HD next week, and I'm so excited for its big screen and faster technology. I also love HTC's Sense interface and can't wait to hold this beauty in my hands.

(Edit: I just realized that the picture to the left up there is a HTC Desire, not a Desire HD. I might correct my error soon.)

And...what's going on with the weather? Where's my summer?

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