July 30, 2011

Donata & Über-Ich: Debut EP "Mozaïque" Incoming

Singer/songwriter workaholic and good friend of mine Donata apparently still finds the time for some fun side projects besides managing her solo career and touring around with her band Nosoyo: The trio Über-Ich, also starring Dutch singer Chris Kok and allrounder Marnix Dorrestein, has just announced their upcoming debut EP, called "Mozaïque".

The EP will be available shortly after the release party at Winston Kingdom in Amsterdam on September 30, maybe even earlier. We still have no information concerning the tracklist, but I'm quite sure the first Über-Ich single "Uniform Child" won't be missing.

Über-Ich – "Uniform Child"

Please enjoy some further information, interesting links and auditory pleasures:

EP (30.09.2011)

Relevant Links:

EP Release Party Facebook Event
Über-Ich Official Homepage
Über-Ich Official Facebook Page
Über-Ich "Uniform Child" single at bandcamp.com
Nosoyo Official Homepage
Donata Official Homepage

And because I'm still totally in love with Nosoyo's January single "Close To Me", I can't help but share this one with you, too. Enjoy!

Consider me excited!

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