July 25, 2011

A Few Words About My Last Week Off

I spent the last week in Heilbronn at my mom's place and saw a lot of old friends again. After a few quiet days I visited Katrin on Friday and then went on to party throughout Friday night and Saturday morning.

It pains me that my the cam isn't really the best option to snap lovely party pics at a club or disco. Thus I can't show you all too many impressions from my recent days and party nights this time, save for the handful with Jay, Nadine, Sabo, Naemi and Gabi below.

More galleries can be found here, but on to more important things – well, the last week included some pretty heavy news like the killing spree in Utøya near Oslo and Amy Winehouse's sudden demise.

The many deaths in Utøya have made many people speechless, and the many people who have lost someone have my deepest sympathies. It's so sad that no-one could prevent this lunatic from destroying so many lives and wreaking such havoc at his will.

Amy Winehouse on the other hand, well, who didn't see such a thing coming? I guess she ultimately didn't have the friends to help her out of her misery, and she just didn't care about herself at all. I wonder what the official cause of her death will be, since there are some rumors about a violent, unnatural death floating around.

Enough with the sad news, I'm also sad because I have to work again tomorrow and my router ceased to function during my week off. Damn you, router! As if my budget hadn't suffered enough this month already.

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