July 1, 2011

First Impressions of My Lovely New Desire HD

Received my new cellphone, a HTC Desire HD, today after Hermes "could not find" my address the day before, oh well. But it's here, and I totally love it!

I expected the Desire to be fast and responsive, way more than my slow old Samsung Galaxy i7500, but it's such a flash I want to cry tears of joy and happiness. Everything responds instantly, websites load really fast, and it also updated itself to Android's 2.3.3 Gingerbread version without so much as a hint of some error or whatever always happens if you think everything's cool.

The HTC Hub has some nice downloads for your pleasure, apps, backgrounds, color schemes and so on, the Android Market is filled with games I can finally play thanks to 1 GHz of raw CPU power, and the popular Sense interface is still awesome.

Right now I'm only concerned about the battery, which I hope will last at least two days. I'm not a hardcore smartphone user, so I guess that should be possible. Consider me a happy man right now, though. For once, I believe I've made a good choice with my regularly questionable cellphone picks there.

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