July 14, 2011

This is What You Call "Summer" Over Here


Ain't that fresh? Yet another wayward summer in Germany this year. Much rain and disappointment. We have planned such a beautiful open-air get-together for Saturday, yet forecast predicts another rainy day.

My first week of summer vacation starts after tomorrow and I'll spend the next week in Heilbronn, meeting family and old friends once again. Another free week happens in August when Eule comes over for a few days. I'm really looking forward to both weeks, but I also really hope for the sun to finally break free and show up for more than one day in a row.

In other news, I'm pretty satisfied with my Desire HD's camera. It's not awesome, but alright.

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ate said...

Dont be such a sourpuss! Weather in Ireland barely reaches between 10° and around 18° when the sun is actually shining, which is once every few weeks. So could be worse, be glad that you actually get sunshine and had a nice few days ^^.

Cliff said...

You're right, but I remember summers which were full of sunny days and swimming and sweat, and I want them back damnit! I'm not a colder-climate guy at all =)

Happy-gordo said...

while i am sitting here with on average 33°... and the hot days are yet to come^^ 

Cliff said...

All this envy growing inside of me! But lucky you =)

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