August 12, 2011

10 Cool Android Games (Part 3)

Following my lists of 20 Android Apps & Games You'll Love and 10 More Addictive Android Games, I present you with the third edition of cool gaming apps you may like to keep on your smartphone. Enjoy!

GRave Defense HD

Developer: ArtOfBytes
Price: free; $1.99 (Full Version)

Being definitely one of the best-looking and most exciting tower defense games, GRave Defense comes with the twist that you're limited to fixed positions for your Tesla towers, miniguns and rocket launchers. Challenging achievements, a freaky selection of monsters including suicide slobs, Dracula or Frankenstein, and the various pretty environments make this one a keeper. I recommend buying the full HD version, because it includes both the Silver and Gold campaigns and a bonus campaign, with more levels being added with each update.

Death Worm

Developer: PlayCreek LLC
Price: free; $2.99 (Full Version)

Death Worm is a fun action game where you control a ferocious sandworm and destroy soldiers, helicopters, tanks, planes or even UFOs. To create more and more mayhem, you collect items to boost your speed or attack and grab upgrades which let you grow in size or enhance your offensive and defensive abilities. Death Worm looks just fine and is quite addictive, although it doesn't offer too much different stages. You still get a campaign and a survival mode with some mini games added on top, though I'd love to see a Dune setting added later on.

The Marbians

Developer: Nordisk Film Interactive
Price: free

This cute and physics-based strategy game doesn't only feature charming visuals and adorable little aliens who need to reach their spaceships with your help, but also a whole load of difficult challenges. While 72 levels may not sound that much at first, you will spend quite some time figuring out the correct directions and timing to send your Marbians home in many levels.

Heavy Gunner

Developer: Com2uS
Price: $4.99

I don't like to play classic ego shooters on my smartphone, but Heavy Gunner is quite a package. Stuffed with a big campaign, lots of upgrades for your two heavy guns, and various game modes, Heavy Gunner is another fine game from Com2uS, who also made Slice It! The gameplay is quite a challenge itself, because you have to control two cannons at once. Good coordination is recommended for the many attackers who want to bomb the shit out of you. Heavy Gunner delivers in every aspect and features beautiful 3D visuals as well as appropriately crisp sound effects.

Casino Crime

Developer: HandyGames
Price: free; $1.49 (Full Version)

Casino Crime puts you in the tuxedo of a casino owner to build a splendid gambling pit for excited customers and lots of opportunities for profit. In this Sims-like strategy game you can place roulette tables and slot machines around your casino and steal from as well as cheat on your customers, who still need to be happy to make your place a popular one. While there's not much variety in the gameplay later on, you can easily grab the free version and get the whole game, if you're not bothered by ads.

Fieldrunners HD

Developer: Subatomic Studios, LLC
Price: $2.99

Another tower defense variation, this time with sweet comic visuals, lots of achievements and seven different and upgradable towers. I wish there were more levels and some more GRave Defense-like variation, but it's a fine game without a doubt. You should read the description over at the Android Market, by the way. It's so stuffed with superlatives and funny lines you almost can't not want to try it. Examples: "Stunning HD visuals created by a team of crime fighting master artists," and "Gameplay so addictive that it's practically time travel." Ha!

Gun Bros

Developer: Glu Mobile
Price: free

One of the most captivating and intense games on this list, Gun Bros is a survival shooter with two brothers, great visuals, loads of weapons and upgrades, and so much stuff around its actual gameplay that you may not even know what to do at all in the beginning. It's no easy game, but action fans will certainly welcome the vast world of Gun Bros, which is free but tries to wrangle some money out of your purse with in-game stuff you can buy. If you need a challenging action highlight which will keep you busy for a while, check out Gun Bros.

Reckless Racing

Developer: polarbit
Price: free; $4.99 (Full Version)

A great dirt-road racing game with isometric visuals and lots of fun circuits. You can choose from various steering methods, which provides the perfect option for any type of player, and the gameplay is challenging and fun. The car physics aren't that bad and it's just the right game for you, if you've had enough of third-person racing games like Asphalt HD or Need for Speed: Shift. Too bad it's almost as expensive at $4.99, so you may want to grab the free demo first.

Pinball Deluxe

Developer: GreenCod
Price: free

The best pinball game I've discovered in the Market so far. It only features four different tables (Wild West, carnival, space and underwater themes), but more will be added later. The physics and controls are pretty sweet, but Pinball Deluxe also includes everything you expect from a good pinball game like nudges, multi balls and such stuff. That may have sounded slightly awkward just now, umm, but well, there are even mini games on matrix displays. If you're a pinball fan, you'll love this one, and hey – it's free!

Glow Hockey 2

Developer: Natenai Ariyatrakool
Price: free; $0.99 (Full Version)

The sequel to the classic Glow Hockey game and still the best app for all your table hockey needs. Glow Hockey 2 features a 2-player-mode so you can challenge your friends, various table layouts like a doodle or soccer design, different paddles and pucks, and a championship mode for solo player pleasure. Unfortunately, most of it is only included in the full version, which you can get for a dollar at Amazon. I didn't even know that Amazon had some exclusive apps as well, so I should probably check out their app store some time during the next few weeks...maybe I'll come up with yet another list of recommendations.

Now it's your turn: Go ahead and tell me about your favorite smartphone games in the comments!

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