August 6, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises Against Underwhelming Set Photos

Various media outlets posted new set photos from Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, which will close Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy and feature Bane and Catwoman as new threats for Christian Bale's Batman.

Don't call me a buzzkill now, but both Tom Hardy's Bane and Anne Hathaway's Catwoman look pretty underwhelming and off-character to me. I mean, look at Bane! He's even smaller than Batman in those set photos! If you didn't know, this is Bane from the comics. Compare that to Hardy above.

Catwoman, on the other hand, looks...I don't know...just bland? Where's the sex appeal? Where's the mask? Well, since Christopher Nolan did a great job with the villains in his first two Batman movies, I'll reserve my judgment for now, but I really hope they won't botch those two completely.

Images via Warner Bros./DC Entertainment, Gizmodo, Just Jared/Jared Wickerham/Getty Images & Chris Watts/

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Reitsu said...

Considering they already made a Catwoman movie...I think they should have kept Halle Berry as Catwoman. :/

Cliff said...

But that movie was crappy, wasn't it? =) well, she would have been better than Hathaway, I guess.

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