August 21, 2011

Days of Always Hardcore 2011

Four days of our annual party marathon are over and I'm feeling rather sleepy, but it was totally worth it!

Eule visited me on Wednesday and we spent our first two nights at the Rival Turf rehearsals, watching Superbad with the mighty sweet Emma Stone, and puzzling our way through Braid. Serg and Eusche then joined on Friday and we instantly had a great time at some Altstadt clubs and bars. We also rescued a trio of French girls from a rather creepy old guy, while Eusche irritated some other female tourists with unexpected remarks ("Did you eat kebab?").

Last night Dave, David and Natalie were added to the party, but my personal party stamina meter was already sinking rapidly. I'm quite enjoying the silence right now and God bless I still have a free recovery Monday ahead.

Check out all the pictures including The Incredible Serg and a meta photo series of pictures of Eusche taking pictures in the gallery or below:

Thanks for the fun time, guys!

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