August 30, 2011

Daytripper: The Best Comic Book I've Ever Read

I am by no means a comic book expert or proper judge for the genre, but I'm not the only one to tell you – get this comic! It is probably the best comic in the world right now and I'm still totally impressed.

Daytripper is a miraculous graphic novel by Brazilian twin brothers Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá, split into ten non-chronological chapters. Each chapter recounts an episode in the life of obituary writer Brás de Oliva Domingos – and each one ends with his death. The last episode brings everything to a beautiful conclusion and will leave you with some tears in your eyes as well as many, many thoughts about your very own life and the things that are really important. Maybe it will even change the way you live your life, and what more can you expect from a comic book?

The comic is an utterly charming and honest work, a believable, poetic, melancholic tale about life and death. Illustrated with terrific artwork and atmospheric visuals that turn each chapter into a unique experience, Daytripper is a masterpiece in every aspect. If you're not convinced yet, just read some other reviews – it really is that good! Really!

Do yourself a favor and grab the complete ten-chapter issue at Amazon for little money. You won't regret it. Muito obrigado to René from Nerdcore for the recommendation!

Daytripper #1

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