August 14, 2011

Dir en grey Live at Zeche Bochum - A Short Report

As I told you, I decided to join Dave and Ronja for the Dir en grey live at the Zeche in Bochum last night. It was the third time I saw them live and one hell of a great show!

I'm still overwhelmed by the band's energy and that awesome performance, featuring a lot of new songs from their new "Dum Spiro Spero" album as well as classics like "Zakuro" or even a new version of "karasu," which I predicted the band would be doing sooner or later. The sound quality at the Zeche far surpassed Girugamesh's live four years ago and even Gackt's live performance there last year – it was a gorgeous rush of great songs and the audience was hyped to the max.

As soon as the recent single "Hageshisa to, kono mune..." opened the concert, a fierce moshpit erupted in the middle of the crowd, which was when I lost Dave and Ronja. I can't praise the setlist enough; every song kept the energy going and even the notorious remake of "Tsumi to batsu" was a fine interlude with some intense moments.

Don't doubt those guys – they rocked so hard last night that my neck and back still hurt from all the fun, and they will always be a gorgeous combo to watch live on stage. Couldn't have had a better Saturday evening! =)

Dir en grey
Live at Zeche, Bochum, Germany (13.08.2011)


Last but not least, here are some pics from last night with Dave, Ronja, Sophia and Saadet, followed by a short clip of the live favorite "Reiketsu nariseba" and its mid-song climax (warning: crappy mobile cam, but you probably get how great it was):

Dir en grey – "Reiketsu nariseba" (Live Excerpt)

And Kyo enjoyed it as much:

Aww, I couldn't agree more!

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nvcplus said...

Great write-up. Glad you decided to go in the end :)

Too bad they didn't play Kurasu AND Ain't Afraid. That would have been fucking awesome. 

Was Zan the new version?

Getting more and more excited for their upcoming Chicago show ^^

Cliff said...

I linked you a low-quality clip of karasu over at jrnyc ;) .. take a look!

And thanks! I'm also more than glad, especially after what Kyo said himself. The crowd was a furious mass of happy people =) ... "ZAN" of course was the new version, which I *LOVE*!

And I hope you'll have as much fun in Chicago, dude!

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