August 26, 2011

Today's Recommendation: Coaltar of the Deepers

Over the course of the last weeks I have increasingly fallen in love with Coaltar of the Deepers, another Japanese alternative rock/shoegaze band (yeah, just like the recently recommended Downy) which exists since 1991.

I have yet to listen to all of the albums, EPs and singles they've released during their 20-year-long career, but what I've heard so far (the "No Thank You" and "Yukari Telepath" albums and the "Bear" EP) has hit all my weak spots. They're pretty diverse and experimental at times, but they always sound great. Can't wait to grab the rest of their discography.

Coaltar of the Deepers – "Hate Mine"

Be sure to check out some other songs by the band, since they're not limited to mellow shoegaze sound like the above song at all. And once more: thanks for the recommendation, Aaron!

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