September 25, 2011

First Look at the New TV Show Seasons - Part 1

TV fans rejoice – the new seasons of our beloved TV shows have arrived, and I want to state my opinions on the first new episodes of my personal favorite shows. Part one goes right here with episode 8.01 of House and episode 6.01 of Dexter!

The leaked and not-final season 8 premiere of House sees House in prison after he crashed into Cuddy's house in the terrible season 7 finale. "Twenty Vicodin," the new episode, was alright and reminiscent of season 7's opener "Broken," but suffered from some aspects like the unrealistic premise – could House really wander around areas like the clinic as he does? And could they spell out House's problems more in-your-face, as if they thought we'd never watched House before? After seven seasons? Well.

Odette Annable is an awesomely pretty girl and I'd love to see more from her in the future, but she didn't really fit into the prison clinic atmosphere. Who in their right minds would leave her alone with a prisoner at any time? Still, "Twenty Vicodin" was more fun than most of the previous season, even if the medical case turned out to be rather uninspired and boring.

The episode was no way to tell how the new season will evolve, however, since we still have to see our guys at Princeton-Plainsboro for the first time after the three or four months that have passed.

A whole year has passed on Dexter, and times have changed. Maria is now captain of the Miami Metro police department, Masuka teaches a forensics class, Quinn is even more hilarious, and Dexter suddenly wonders about religion and what he should think about it. We got some first glimpses of the new baddies, played by Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks, but overall, "Those Kinds of Things" was a rather low-key launch into a new season.

I liked the episode, even though it featured an all too cheesy and out-of-place high-school reunion scene, complete with Dexter going for some Hammer Time. This season's religious themery was introduced with the help of some snakes, below-par CGI effects and some rather mocking dialogue. Then there was an oral sex scene, reminiscent of Dexter's first experiences with Rita, which again made little sense and only helped to get this episode's victim to its desired destination.

The excitement and thrill of the first few Dexter seasons, which was sort of missing last year, has not yet arrived in season 8, but I'm looking forward to the next episodes and how Dex will get involved with the creepy new bad guys.

Up next are the season premieres of Fringe and Supernatural, with the new series Person of Interest slated to complete my first fall 2011 TV show roundup.

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Eule said...

You didn't mention fucking Urkel was in the House Episode???

Cliff said...

Hehe, yeah he was! Unfortunately only for a few seconds :\

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