September 25, 2011

First Look at the New TV Show Seasons - Part 2

As before, I'm currently watching the new TV show season premieres and wanted to state my opinions. Part one featured House and Dexter already, and I continue right away with episode 7.01 of Supernatural and episode 4.01 of Fringe.

Supernatural was great for five seasons, but they had to go on with it. So we've already reached the seventh season now and come to "Meet the New Boss," but hey, look who's back in Sam's nightmarish hallucinations – good old Lucifer! You can't have enough Mark Pellegrino on the screen, so that was a welcome sight, even though they spoiled his surprising appearance during the opening credits.

Not quite as welcome was the whole story we have to put up with right now. Since they obviously couldn't top the season 5 finale with something else but turning Castiel into the new God last season, we have Castiel running around and collecting votes for his kindness. The new god is, however, crumbling from the inside already, and the next big bad is only around the corner. A hint: Leviathan.

Unfortunately, Supernatural has become more and more repetitive with the years and doesn't even refrain from painful scenes like most of Cas' Bible-speech monologues or that silly stained glass Jesus image anymore. We got some nostalgic impact with Dean fixing the beloved Impala once again, and some more visuals of haunted Sam and his struggles, but otherwise, the season opener tried to do too much and ended up rather bleak instead.

Fringe had a great season 3 finale, in which one of the main characters surprisingly disappeared – completely from time and all that has happened. Well, was it really like that? At least Peter will be gone for a few more episodes, but he's already popping up occasionally, scaring the shit out of Walter, who calls him "the man in the mirror."

Once again, John Noble delivers the finest performances, but "Neither Here Nor There" was really Seth Gabel's episode. Gabel was promoted to series regular for season 4 and his character Lincoln Lee finally joins the Fringe Division in "our" universe. I just wish they wouldn't have the observers explain everything to themselves (and the audience), and it's certainly surprising how often they went for yet another allusion to Peter's disappearance in these many dialogue lines.

The premiere was quite a low-key episode, introducing Lincoln to the Fringe team and setting up much of what's to come, but it could have been a tick more exciting. At least there's still one thing that will never change: Fauxlivia is still the hotter one!

Tomorrow I'll take my time for the show premiere of Person of Interest, so stay tuned for part three of my little season openers recap.

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