September 11, 2011

First Single for Gackt's Yellow Fried Chickenz

Gackt has launched his new band Yellow Fried Chickenz at last, which is more and more becoming a hot topic among fans, who either love his new project or loathe it absolutely.

Most of the controversy surrounding the seven-man lineup stems from Gackt's decision to add a second vocalist next to himself on the mic. The lucky guy who is now enjoying both new love and bundled hatred from the Gackt fanbase is Jon Underdown, singer of the band Fade.

While European fans who attended the recent YFC live shows were a little bit shocked to see a new guy next to their favorite vocalist on stage, they were probably also delighted to see Luna Sea's legendary Shinya on drums. He's one of the other five guys in the band, with the rest being Gackt's best friends and guitar buddies You and Chachamaru, Jon's bandmate U:Zo on bass, and guitar guy #3, Takumi, who has apparently worked with Miyavi and Sugizo before.

That's quite a quirky lineup right there, if you ask me. The band's first single, "The End Of The Day" will be released on September 14, and as you can see below, the title song is one of Gackt's more regular, poppy compositions.

Yellow Fried Chickenz – "The End Of The Day"

You can keep an eye on their Facebook page for regular updates, if you're interested. While I personally neither love nor hate the pretty random new song, it just undermines my opinion that this project means no more than a little fun off the road for Gackt, and it probably won't keep going for long. Who knows what the upcoming album will bring.

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