September 22, 2011

the GazettE Release Some Pretty Toxic Samples

It's a slow news week, so just let me share the new samples for the GazettE's new album "Toxic" with you. The band's fifth studio album will be released on October 5, and the five guys still belong to the strongest exports of current J-rock.

I wasn't too fond of their most recent singles, but I like what I hear in the samples. So this should be another good album and another flicker of hope for rock music from Japan, which seems stuck with oh so many awful copycat bands right now.

You may shake your head in disbelief during the first seconds of "Venomous Spider's Web," which sounds just like Girugamesh sounded, when they chose to leave all their style behind for shitty mainstream junk pop rock. "Psychopath" sounds like the legitimate successor of the band's heavy metal shot "Ogre," and "Ruthless Deed" could have also been a song from Dir en grey's latest record "Dum Spiro Spero." But feel free to listen to the new 44-second samples without my comments:

the GazettE
Album (05.10.2011)

Dunno about you, but I'm looking forward. Meanwhile, check out the just published full version of "The Suicide Circus":

the GazettE – "The Suicide Circus"

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Reitsu said...

Seems like they saved all the new/interesting stuff for the album - quite frankly, they need it too. Kinda vaguely reminds me of Crossfaith.

And glad to see I wasn't the only who heard the Diru-like guitars on Ruthless Deed. :p [Looking forward to hearing how that one'll turn out!]

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