September 24, 2011

IAmTheRain & Rival Turf: Updates on Upcoming Releases

Right on time for the new releases, the official IAmTheRain homepage has gone online. You can find it here from now on.

It's a good time for IAmTheRain fans anyway, since mastermind David G. Händel is eager to deliver one teaser after another. The brand-new promotional video for "Project Peaceforce" from the upcoming album "Disastre Digital" features a similarly spacey and environmental theme like the earlier released video for "What Does It Mean?" and presents our planet as a wobbling, organic entity on the verge of destruction.

With its beautiful melody and slow pace, "Project Peaceforce" is certainly one of the rarer quiet titles on the album. The version below is the instrumental one, though, and not the final album version. But feel free to check it out below:

IAmTheRain – "Project Peaceforce"

David's band Rival Turf, which also consists of former PsY drummer Dave Z. and bassist Toji in its current regular line-up, is also busy mastering the final tracks for the debut album, which finally has a name and a tracklist!

The album, called "Annihilism," will feature a total of 12 songs, including the previously released songs "Ghost" and "Fierce Lament" in re-recorded versions. Vocal parts will be split between David and Ryo Onuki, a close friend of the band.

Below you'll find a tentative release date for the album as well as the final tracklist. I can't wait to listen to this baby!

Rival Turf

  • Luchador
  • Gift
  • Physalis
  • Hide Away
  • Dismember
  • Ghost
  • Fierce Lament
  • Gorden's Theme
  • Valley Of Ruin
  • Mucho Mucho Mina
  • Laura

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