September 18, 2011

IAmTheRain Surprise: Single & Album Release Imminent!

I had almost given up hope myself, but lo and behold: IAmTheRain mastermind David Händel managed to complete his often-announced and re-scheduled releases of a promised new single and a whole new album at last!

While being busy also recording the debut album of his band Rival Turf, Händel finally finished all the songs on the already known tracklist of the album "Disastre Digital", which will be released on November 11. One month earlier, October 10 will see the release of the single "BetterThanLife," which also features a song not included on the album and other versions of the title track.

Single (10.10.2011)

  • BetterThanLife
  • Friday Night
  • BetterThanLife (Glitch Mix)
  • BetterThanLife (Instrumental)

The upcoming album received no changes in tracklist, but a whole new cover at least. Previously released songs on the album that appear as new and re-recorded versions include "Frozen", "Disaster" and "Planetary Re-entry" from the "666" bootleg singles, as well as a shorter cut of "What Does It Mean?", which was featured in its 33-minute entirety on the EP "Nimensei".

"Disastre Digital"
Album (11.11.2011)

  • Frozen (Disastre Digital Ver.)
  • BetterThanLife
  • What Does It Mean?
  • Gauge
  • Project Peaceforce
  • Planetary Re-entry (Disastre Digital Ver.)
  • InFuture
  • Unknown Sympathy
  • Wunderwelt
  • Disaster (Disastre Digital Ver.)
  • The Remembrance

And here is a probably not final version of "InFuture":

IAmTheRain – "InFuture"

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