September 14, 2011

New Max Payne 3 Trailer is Freaking Awful

Rockstar has revealed the official trailer and website for Max Payne 3 and it's one of the worst trailers for a video game I've seen so far, especially one of the worst Rockstar trailers ever.

In fact, the trailer for Max Payne 3 features some fine examples of all the things that are wrong in the video game industry right now. Let me tell you why:

  • First of all, the whole thing looks like GTA: Kane & Lynch. I get that Rockstar are famous for their epic GTA series, but this shouldn't mean that every game they make now should have to look like a slightly more beautiful version of their previous game. Red Dead Redemption already proved that: it was cool and beautiful, but ultimately way less exciting than any GTA game before. Max Payne 3 doesn't look like a passion project – it's a cash cow for Rockstar, nothing more.
  • The action sequences. Don't get me started. Does every game nowadays have to include the same boring action sequences?! I mean, what the fuck? Come up with something innovative for once, please! I don't want to sneak from one covered position to the next to fend off my foes. I did that in Max Payne and Max Payne 2 already! Same with the bullet time sequences (see below). Is that really what made the first two games so great? No, I guess it isn't. It was the dramatic story, the interesting locations, the surprises, the exciting gameplay. Why do I have to play a crossover between Kane & Lynch and Modern Warfare 2 now? Why should do I have to play the same game over and over again nowadays?
  • Now, the first thing that really got to me in that trailer probably was the fact that they try really hard to tell you that it's FUCKING AWESOME ROCKSTAR who's now doing the new Max Payne game. In the one and a half minutes of the trailer, they have to tell you twice that it's fucking awesome Rockstar who's now responsible for the new episode. And I don't care about the differences between Rockstar Games and Rockstar Studios, it just feels like...hey, look! It's fucking awesome Rockstar who's doing the new Max Payne game!
  • Are you a fan of Breaking Bad? That series, you know, with Malcolm's dad turning drug lord and drama overall? If you are, great! Max Payne 3 will probably hype you even more! Why? Because Max Payne isn't the soft-looking sad guy from the first games anymore, and he's also no Mark Wahlberg clone. No, in fact, he goes bald for his new mission and hey – he looks just like Walt from Breaking Bad now. I don't really believe that the game's story will require him to shave his head, but if Rockstar can include some inspiration, why not from one of the most hyped TV shows right now?
  • Oh, yes. The trailer features bullet time sequences. You know, bullet time? That slow-mo thing made popular by The Matrix in 1999 once? Or by Max Payne in 2002? Yeah. I guess, Max Payne 3 wouldn't be a great Max Payne game without the freaking bullet time. Which the first game was hyped for. Almost ten years ago.

Max Payne 3 – Official Trailer

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