September 14, 2011

Nosoyo: Official Website & Mercedes Mixtape!

Only a few days ago I told you about the upcoming EP "Mozaïque" by Über-Ich, a jazz-pop project by German singer Donata, and now there's already some fresh news about her main band Nosoyo.

The Amsterdam-based sextet, also including guitarist Wessel van der Kroef, bassist David Stapel, drummer Joost Le Feber, keyboarder Lyckle de Jong, and Jasja Offermans on percussion and backup vocals, just launched their official website and is featured with a song on the new mixtape "Vision Pearl" by Mercedes-Benz, among "14 sea-and-sun infused tracks by newcomer artists from around the world."

That's awesome, especially since they chose the super-smooth "Close To Me" for the mixtape, still one of my favorite songs by Donata and band (see below). I could listen to it the whole day, and you should enjoy it at least once.

Be sure to check out the beautiful new Nosoyo website created by Marc Kloubert over at and grab the fine and free Mercedes-Benz mixtape via mb! Mixed Tape!

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