September 12, 2011

Person of Interest Could Look More Interesting

Person of Interest is a new show based on a screenplay by Lost and Alias creator J. J. Abrams (and Jonathan Nolan, but fewer people care about Jonathan Nolan, even if he was responsible for the story of Memento and the scripts for The Prestige and The Dark Knight). It is slated to debut on CBS on September 22.

What's the interesting thing about the series? Well, first of all, Lost villain Ben Linus Michael Emerson stars as one of the two leading characters in his first big thing since the Island, the other one being played by Jim "Jesus" Caviezel. And here's what Wikipedia tells us about the story:

Mr. Finch (Emerson), a mysterious billionaire, has developed a computer program that predicts the identity of people connected to violent crimes that will take place in the future. However, the program has its limitations: for example, it cannot predict whether the person will be a victim, perpetrator, or witness, nor can it predict when or where the crime will take place. Unable to stop the crimes on his own, Finch hires John Reese (Caviezel), a former CIA agent who is presumed dead, to help stop the crimes from taking place.

I'm not sold on the plot and look of the series yet. Feels like a mix between Minority Report and Lost off the Island so far, but that's probably because of Michael Emerson. Check out the new teaser trailer (which seems to spoil the whole pilot episode) for yourself:

Person of Interest – CBS Fall 2011 Preview

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