September 12, 2011

Two and a Half Men: The New Opening

Now that the new, Charlie Sheen-less and ninth season of Two and a Half Men has almost arrived and a short but fun promo clip didn't look so bad, it was time to reveal the new opening, I guess.

It's strange to see Jake to the left and the new vocals feel a bit odd. But fans will get accustomed to it quickly. I believe the ratings will stay high, at least for the premiere, because even the haters will probably tune in for one scene to see Ashton Kutcher if not only to bash him, but further down the season...well, we'll see.

I admit I'm almost more excited to see how The Roast of Charlie Sheen will turn out, but for now, see for yourself how the new Two and a Half Men opening turned out:

Two and a Half Men – Season 9 Opening

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