September 15, 2011

V-Rock Disney Compilation Makes Me Want to Barf

You probably went "What the fuck!" at the whole concept of this CD already – visual kei bands covering classic Disney songs. But hey, what could go wrong? A lot!

Well, but not everything. A few rare exceptions are actually alright on this album, like the instrumental opener from Nightmare, which is way more interesting in itself than any recent Nightmare single, and their Aladdin cover ("Friend Like Me") shines in comparison to most of the compilation. (Well, that's not really difficult.)

Ryuuichi Kawamura (yeah, the Luna Sea Ryuuichi) has a beautiful voice and makes every song sound like a Luna Sea performance, his "Beauty and the Beast" being no exception. I almost didn't recognize the song and it's certainly the hidden gem among those eleven tracks. All my other hopes were already drowned when the fitting but boring Plastic Tree "Chim Chim Cher-ee" cover almost put me to sleep. But hey, after that the real horror begins.

There are songs on this CD that are more terrifying than a neighborhood massacre. The Kiddie should be stoned, tortured and then tarred and feathered for their cover of "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," which is exactly as awful as you'd guess just from the title, even if you didn't know that this was a song from Mary Poppins once. Even worse: Cascade's suicide-inducing rendition of the dwarves' theme "Heigh-Ho" from Snow White. If you manage to endure more than 15 seconds of this utter crap without developing explosive diarrhea, I really can't understand you. It's probably the worst song I've ever heard and I want to forget about it, but it just doesn't work. I wish I had never listened to this album. Oh God, I wish I will forget that song someday...

The other songs on this album seem like they recorded them for shits and giggles only. Aoi once released some cool songs with Ayabie, but now felt the need to cover Elton John's classic "Can You Feel the Love Tonight." It's as much sugar and shit as you can only imagine. A disgrace to this song. If I was Elton John, I probably would have sued Aoi by now. For a lot of money. For ruining this song that much. Ack!

Sadie do their best to sound like usually do – like damned Dir en grey clones. They even sound like the heavy Dir en grey now, no matter if it fits to the song they're covering or not. And those other bands I don't even know or feel the need to comment on...just don't buy this album.

Various Artists
"V-Rock Disney"
Album (14.09.2011)

  • Nightmare - "Fantasia"  [Fantasia]
  • Nightmare - "Friend Like Me"  [Aladdin]
  • Ryuuichi Kawamura - "Beauty and the Beast"  [Beauty and the Beast]
  • Penicillin - "Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride"  [Lilo & Stitch]
  • Plastic Tree - "Chim Chim Cher-ee"  [Mary Poppins]
  • Sadie - "This is Halloween"  [Nightmare Before Christmas]
  • Aoi - "Can You Feel the Love Tonight"  [The Lion King]
  • The Kiddie - "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"  [Mary Poppins]
  • Ninjaman Japan - "When You Wish Upon a Star"  [Pinocchio]
  • Cascade - "Heigh-Ho"  [Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs]
  • Dasein - "You'll Be in My Heart"  [Tarzan]

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Ito said...

The point of downloading this album was so that you could laugh hysterically while listening to it.  I don't there is a single song that I wasn't dying laughing on after PT's song (which I thought was BA). Seriously, don't be suck a stick in the mud, these are the kinds of terrible songs that you should have known coming in that they were going to be awful.  This album is downright hilarious.

Cliff said...

Ah, of course I can laugh about something like "Heigh-Ho," because it's just way over the top and too awful to take serious, but I know there are many, many young fangirls out there, who listen to this and go "yay, that's seriously my favorite new album. It's so good!" - and it's obviously a very commercial compilation, being expensive, featuring Mickey Mouse on the cover and so on.  It takes itself way too serious, that's why I chose to go for the stick in the mud style and picked a few harsher words ;D

Reitsu said...

I was surprised, Nightmare's A Friend like me wasn't too bad but is it me or does it sound really obnoxious? [Or maybe it's supposed to be like that?]

Lol, I didn't find Plastic Tree's Chim Chim Cher-ee bad at fact, I thought it was right up their alley since it really suits Ryaturo's voice. XD
Supercalifragilistic was absolutely atrocious!! [No pun intended! XD] Like an overdose of pure sickly sweet sugar. If that's what The Kiddie usually sound like count me out.

Ah, definitely got the DIR EN GREY reference with Sadie though...but even if they are clones it's a pretty awesome song. XD

But yes, the rest = Not bothered with.

Cliff said...

Nice art right there =) and yeah, the Plastic Tree song isn't bad, but I just found it quite a bit boring  ^^

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