September 11, 2011

We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful

...Now, do we really? I don't. That's why I can tell you that a few of my musically more gifted friends like Donata and her band Über-Ich as well as the dudes from Rival Turf have been pretty busy recently.

First of all, as I reported earlier, Über-Ich will release their much-anticipated debut EP "Mozaïque" after the release party on September 30. Thanks to Donata herself and Marc I already got my hands on a promo CD and let me say only so much: it's a sweet EP, full of great little melodies and quirky moments – and you will probably love the edgy groove of "Feeding Time" or the dreamy mosaics of "Easy" as much as I do!

EP (30.09.2011)

  • Page 24
  • Uniform Child
  • Dragging Behind
  • Feeding Time
  • Easy
  • Fuss

Über-Ich Official Homepage
Über-Ich Official Facebook Page

Über-Ich – "Uniform Child"

Rival Turf are also in the midst of the final recordings for their debut album, which has been announced and delayed countless times while the band changed numerous vocalists and bassists. We may be lucky this time, though, as the band has declared that the majority of the album tracks are entering the final mastering stage now.

Apparently, IAmTheRain mastermind and the band's lead guitarist David Händel has been chosen to handle most of the vocal work for the record, and the still untitled album will also be co-produced by FF.Gen, head of deathcore band Corpus Massackros Orkestos, which was incidentally one of Händel's first bands.

Rival Turf have recorded about 18 tracks by now, twelve of which are supposed to appear on the album's tracklist. Whenever there will be a tracklist or release date in sight soon, I'll keep you updated here.

Rival Turf
Untitled Debut Album
(Fall/Winter 2011)

Features at least 10 songs including the final versions of "Ghost", "Dismember", "Physalis", "Fierce Lament", "Foretold Sand", "Gift" and "Mucho Mucho Mina". An exclusive promo download single will be available prior to the album release.

Rival Turf Official Facebook Page

Rival Turf – "Ghost"

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