October 28, 2011

IAmTheRain: Release Spree Started! / Rival Turf: New Free Song!

A lot of new stuff spawns deep in the bowels of Düsseldorf's Con-Sum rehearsal cellars these days! Rival Turf have just released their debut album "ANNIHILISM", and IAmTheRain finally drops a new single too!

But first things first. Rival Turf have revealed the second free song of their new album today, and it's the opener, called "Luchador". You can listen to it right here:

However, the band will probably soon announce their own dissatisfaction with the sound of the album, which turned out quite a bit muffled. Don't fret now, because good news are just around the corner. You will probably see everything concerning the release refreshed with a remastered and definitely better sound over the next few days, and everyone who already ordered the album will get a free updated download, of course.

Then, IAmTheRain mastermind David Händel, who's deeply involved in the just mentioned remastering process for the Rival Turf album, has found the time to finally complete his postponed new single "BetterThanLife" off the upcoming album "Disastre Digital" (November 11), which you can listen to here now:

And last but not least, well, not at all at least actually, something like an upcoming release schedule for IAmTheRain stuff has leaked found its way online. Here's an excerpt of what you can expect in the next few months, and let me tell you, it's a lot!

"Disastre Digital"

Second full album featuring 12 new songs including the previously released single "BetterThanLife" and completely re-recorded versions of "Frozen", "Planetary Re-entry" and "Disaster".

  • Disastre Digital (Intro)
  • Frozen (Disastre Digital Ver.)
  • BetterThanLife
  • What Does It Mean?
  • Gauge
  • Project Peaceforce
  • Planetary Re-entry (Disastre Digital Ver.)
  • InFuture
  • Unknown Sympathy
  • Wunderwelt
  • Disaster (Disastre Digital Ver.)
  • The Remembrance

"Impressions Of Depression"

Never-before released rare full album featuring 12 completely new and unreleased songs. Recorded back in 2009 and held back in favor of the IAmTheRain debut album "The Backsnap Effect". Released as a free Christmas present for all fans.

  • Bad Feelings Are My Friends
  • When I Love You
  • Open End
  • If I Was The Only One
  • Better Be There
  • Good Ghouls
  • I Won't Matter Anymore
  • Coffin Rides
  • On Monitor
  • I Be Blue
  • You're A Monster
  • Catherine

Untitled Best Of Album

20-track compilation of the best IAmTheRain songs released since 2009. Features the five never-before released songs "Been Chasing A Dream", "Passenger 41", "Where Innocence Has Gone So Mad", "Return From Sandland" and "It's Always 4AM". All songs will be remastered for a coherent compilation album sound.

Untitled Classic Songs Compilation

20-track compilation of IAmTheRain songs previously released from 2007 to 2009 under the Ears Shut and Caotic Gene solo projects. Features the single releases "Caotic Gene", "Anyone Never Alone", "Looking For Some Reason?", "Blue Cadillac", "Remedy", and much more. All songs will be remastered for a coherent compilation album sound.

A lot indeed!

October 27, 2011

Hiroki Narimiya is the Perfect Phoenix

I'm still quite busy doing some work for the new Rival Turf and IAmTheRain releases and websites, but hey, I just found something over at Sankaku Complex that I just had to share!

This above is Hiroki Narimiya (Nana, Sakuran) as Phoenix Wright in the upcoming movie adaptation of the popular Nintendo DS Ace Attorney game series. And you probably think the same as I do right now, and the same as the guys over at Sankaku do...

No objection!

October 21, 2011

Rival Turf Release Debut Album, Plus Free Tracks & Video!

Sorry for not posting that much recently; I've been heavily involved in the whole Rival Turf debut album release works, creating a new homepage for the band and sort of beta-testing the album, called "Annihilism", which is finally OUT NOW!

You will find every piece of information about the album via the above mentioned website, or you could just enjoy the new "Ghost" PV below and check out the first of four free songs from the album, "DISMEMBER"!

The digital download of the album costs you only 5 Euros and you can easily buy the lovely MP3s via PayPal on the site. More payment options will be coming up soon, as well as an analog CD release. The limited edition CD will be available for 6 Euros around November/December. www.rival-turf.com is your recommended link!


  • Luchador
  • GIFT
  • Physalis
  • hide away
  • Fierce Lament
  • Gorden's Theme
  • Laura

Rival Turf – "Ghost" (PV)

So good the guys finished their baby, at last!

October 16, 2011

Japan Day Glory 2011

Japan Day 2011! Hooray! It's still going on with oh so many people in my rooms right now.

Edit: It's over by now.

Just have fun with the gallery, guys!

October 14, 2011

I Finally Broke Bad

Yeah, I know, I know. I'm probably the last person on earth to realize it, but I gave Breaking Bad another try after watching the pilot about two years ago and not being overly enthusiastic about it.

What can I say? Just watched the first five episodes back to back and am hooked now. Damn, why do I have to sleep?

October 12, 2011

Facebook: Testing the New Profile Timeline

After I've been way too curious for a while now, I've decided to follow caschy's how-to and grab the new Facebook Timeline for my profile.

My first impression is pretty positive; I like the customizable header image, the timeline itself is practical, and you can still hide whatever you like from the outside world or your friends.

I don't think the layout is perfect yet, though, because it seems a bit overblown, but it feels easier to navigate around and set up your personal details now. You even have new individual status update options available for everything you could wish for – those who really need it will surely approve.

The timeline also lists everything you did on Facebook in the past, yes. So, if you never deleted any stuff you posted on Facebook, you may be amazed how far back your history dates. But always remember: They only store and show what you gave them in the first place, and you can still delete stuff you don't want others to see.

For those who aren't familiar with German, here's a short description how to activate the new timeline for your profile:

  • First, make sure your Facebook account is already validated via cellphone or credit card number. If it isn't yet, validate it.
  • Go to Facebook Apps and create a new app. Doesn't matter what you name it. Click on through the two or three next steps without changing anything until your app has been created.
  • Go back to your app settings and edit the Open Graph settings. You have to assign at least one function to your app, but it doesn't matter what you choose. For my test app, I just chose "read" and "book."
  • You don't have to customize the app any further, just save your changes and ignore any error messages that may pop up.
  • Visit your profile – et voilà! You're now tagged as a developer and thus can see the new timeline.

Just remember that other people can only see your new timeline if they've already activated the timeline for themselves, else they'll see your old profile until Facebook rolls out the update to everyone.

So, test it for yourself if you wish, and enjoy the new timeline!

Düsseldorf's Japan Day 2011 Just Around the Corner

The annual Japan Day in Düsseldorf is approaching fast, after it was postponed due to the tsunamis, earthquakes, and radiation disasters in Japan. The event, which features performances by J-pop singers Halko Momoi and Kana during its nine-hour schedule, was originally planned for May 28, but at least we get to celebrate the massive festival this Saturday after all.

The official homepage has more information, but I can't find a link to the content in English; they're probably only running the German pages nowadays.

I'll be at the Rhine on Saturday too, celebrating with my friends, taking pictures, and enjoying the cosplaying masses, so if you happen to be in Düsseldorf on Saturday, come over and say hi! =)

October 6, 2011

Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs

A great man who inspired the world with his innovations, inventions, his power and his spirit died from pancreatic cancer last night.

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. Or, as the internet says with empathy, respect and sadness: See you in the iCloud.

October 4, 2011

10 Awesomely Addictive Android Games (Part 4)

Many weeks have passed since my lists of 20 Android Apps & Games You'll Love, 10 More Addictive Android Games, and 10 Cool Android Games (Part 3). So I guess it's time for a new edition of cool gaming apps you shouldn't ignore. Read on and enjoy!

Radiant HD

Developer: Hexage Ltd.
Price: free (Lite Non-HD Version); $1.99

Radiant is a bright and colorful retro shoot 'em up complete with beautiful pixel graphics, lots of classic game allusions, a quirky fun story, and lots of power-ups, special enemies, and choices to be made. Choose well, if you upgrade your Plasma Gun, Disruptor Laser or whatever stylish weapon your arsenal includes right now – the upcoming boss may have a weakness for one of your weapons. And during your run across the many boss fights and fun stages Radiant offers, you won't even notice how much time you already spent with it.

October 2, 2011

My First Look at Person of Interest

At last I have found time to watch Person of Interest, the new show with Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson. And hooray, it turned out much more exciting than the promos made me believe. The viewers seem to agree – more than 13 million people watched the premiere, which is pretty awesome and surprising for Jonathan Nolan's new show.

The story centers around a former CIA officer named John Reese (Caviezel) and an ambiguous rich man called Mr. Finch (Emerson). The latter built an Orwellian surveillance machine that predicts which people will either be the perpetrators, witnesses or victims of future crimes. With no clear motive for the viewer to see at first, Finch hires the presumed-dead Reese to prevent those crimes from happening.

Person of Interest is a fast-paced thriller with great acting from the devious Michael Emerson and the charming, cool Caviezel, and top-notch visuals. The high-budget production comes with its very own slick and stylish look, supported by fine directing and a paranoia-inducing, ever-present view through the "eyes" of Finch's machine.

The pilot episode had its fair share of background mysteries we yet have to see unraveled. Episode two already included a flashback of Finch constructing his machine, not without a little cameo from Brent Cullen – Lost fans will certainly smile to see the "Others" Ben Linus and Goodwin reunited in that scene.

The first two episodes were far better than I thought and I will surely keep watching, but I'm also still looking for the bigger picture or a "big evil" in the series. I have no doubt about the story taking things to the next level soon, though, and I'm happily looking forward to that. So my final verdict has to be that Person of Interest is very much of interest indeed.