October 4, 2011

10 Awesomely Addictive Android Games (Part 4)

Many weeks have passed since my lists of 20 Android Apps & Games You'll Love, 10 More Addictive Android Games, and 10 Cool Android Games (Part 3). So I guess it's time for a new edition of cool gaming apps you shouldn't ignore. Read on and enjoy!

Radiant HD

Developer: Hexage Ltd.
Price: free (Lite Non-HD Version); $1.99

Radiant is a bright and colorful retro shoot 'em up complete with beautiful pixel graphics, lots of classic game allusions, a quirky fun story, and lots of power-ups, special enemies, and choices to be made. Choose well, if you upgrade your Plasma Gun, Disruptor Laser or whatever stylish weapon your arsenal includes right now – the upcoming boss may have a weakness for one of your weapons. And during your run across the many boss fights and fun stages Radiant offers, you won't even notice how much time you already spent with it.

Jelly Defense

Developer: Infinite Dreams
Price: $1.19

Jelly Defense is a classic tower defense game and reminds me of GRave Defense, where you also have fixed positions for your defensive towers. "Towers" may be the wrong word for Jelly Defense though, as you're constructing, researching and upgrading little wobbling jelly creatures to fight back against a horde of cute monsters. The visual style of Jelly Defense is awesome and right there at the top of the cuteness with Cut the Rope and similar beauties, while the gameplay keeps it classic and engaging (menas: you have to collect your own refunds). A great game for its cheap price tag, though it demands a lot of battery power and modern-day mobile hardware.

Symphony of Eternity

Developer: Kemco
Price: $3.99

Symphony of Eternity may be a little more expensive on regular basis, but it's available at quite some discount right now, why I chose to grab it now. The game itself is a classic J-RPG with anime-style 16-bit visuals and a great, classic Final Fantasy-like gameplay. Your character is the hero Kreist, who is in search of a legendary weapon, all while a dark traitor lady called Safario means doom for a beautiful kingdom. Needless to say that both stories cross their paths at some point and it will be your turn to acquire the great weapon in order to restore peace to the kingdom. RPG stories are really much the same all the time, but this game certainly belongs to the best of its kind on Android.


Developer: YoYo Games
Price: $0.89

One of the most difficult games on this list, which takes some getting used to: While pirates are filling the skies with rubbish and pollution, it's your job to catch ammunition with your slingshot and fling it at the evil pirates above. Easier said than done, though. While you keep evading attacks and stuff flying around, you have to grab your ammo and stop to take aim for your shot. Pollushot becomes a lot of fun if you have managed the controls, and tempt you constantly to reach for new heights, accomplishments and whatever.

9mm HD

Developer: Gameloft
Price: $7.49

With the current mobile hardware constantly advancing to new heights, games like 9mm are not so rare anymore. 9mm is a third-person shooter in which you're hunting down drug lords, collect new weapons, and feel like you're playing a legitimate GTA on your cellphone. Awesome! It even features a destructible environment and "slow-mo stunts." It's still the most expensive title on this list, though, so you may want to consider spending your money on this one.

Across Age DX

Developer: FDG Entertainment
Price: free; $6.49 (unlockable full version)

Fans of old-school RPGs like Zelda on the SNES will receive a sudden blast of nostalgia with Across Age DX. It looks, feels and plays like your favorite 16-bit adventures, bringing its own share of puzzles, locations, attacks, items, and characters. You can switch between the mage Ceska and swordsman Ales, both of which have their individual feats. But the story is also a winner and makes you travel through time to revisit earlier places, solve riddles and complete your journey. Which will take you about 15 hours. That's pretty awesome, but you will have to pay to unlock the full version at some point. Considering what Across Age DX offers, it's an easy choice: buy it!

Ghost Wars Pro

Developer: Words Mobile
Price: free

Yet another defense game, but this one comes with a twist: Instead of constructing defensive stations to fend off foes, you're actively recruiting and upgrading ghost minions in Ghost Wars, who march on their own and try to defeat the evil scary tree that marks the base of your enemies. You also have an own base and a fire arrow special attack, both of which can be boosted with your earned money. The gameplay is tricky and fun, while the charming comic visuals turn Ghost Wars into a beautiful and delightful package.

Spirit HD

Developer: Jakyl
Price: $2.39

Marco Mazzoli's Spirit was already a hit game on the iPhone, and now it's available for Android too. In this arcade game, you take control of Spirit and guide him with your movements to create something like a black hole around your enemies to get rid of them. The controls are easy and fluid – you will steer your little Spirit like a pro after a few minutes, creating combos and raising your score. Spirit comes with unique, random enemy waves, and utterly beautiful, stylish retro visuals. An easy recommendation for little money.

Demon Hunter

Developer: BiCORE
Price: free

A fine, classic action RPG reminiscent of Castlevania, Demon Hunter takes you to the place of Akoron to fulfill main and subquests, learn new attack moves and combos, gain hunter ranks (to find hidden bosses, rare items and such), and equip yourself with over 100 different pieces of armor and clothing (not at once, of course). You can use different souls to upgrade your powers and gain unique feats, some of which are necessary to defeat monsters with special resistances. Demon Hunter is a total package of fun in an atmospheric setting and it's also free, so what are you waiting for?

101-in-1 Games

Developer: Nordcurrent
Price: free

Very much the exact definition of "casual gaming," 101-in-1 Games offers just that. It's not even a cheap throwaway game, by the way, but actually pretty well done and full of different mini games to keep you engaged for a whole while. You can't play all the 101+ games from the start, though, but have to earn coins to unlock further games. While the penetrant ads may be a little unnerving at first, you'll quickly come to appreciate this little collection filled with little fun games. Just try it for yourself!

Ah, can't have enough cool Android games, right? But now it's your turn to recommend some stuff in the comments!

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Eule said...

My current favorite games are Pocket Soccer and RoboZZle

Pocket Soccer is somewhat a variation of a glide hockey game in a soccer theme. The differences are that you control 3 discs instead of one and that the game is turn based (which I didn't realize and cursed the game for its crappy controls until I accidentally opened the manual). While at first I was really skeptical about that I soon found that the game actually gains kind a little tactical aspect through that.

RoboZZle is the puzzle game I was always looking for. Really challenging but soooo satisfying. The goal is to program a robot so it can move through a level and collect all the stars in this level. The levels are composed of colored tiles (blue, green and red) and the commands you can use (turn left, right, move forward and in some levels, paint the tile in another color) are also color-coded so e.g. you can program the robot to turn left on a green tile, paint a red tile blue or move forward no matter what the color of the tile. For this you have a limited number of commands you can use, so most of the times your program must be recursive. You can also register online on robozzle.com for free, where you can play this game in your browser (with unbelievably crappier controls than on your phone) and also you can create your own levels (after you have beaten at least 40 yourself).

Both games are free, check them out.

Cliff said...

Nice one, thanks! Especially RoboZZle sounds fun; I'll give them a try! =)

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