October 12, 2011

Facebook: Testing the New Profile Timeline

After I've been way too curious for a while now, I've decided to follow caschy's how-to and grab the new Facebook Timeline for my profile.

My first impression is pretty positive; I like the customizable header image, the timeline itself is practical, and you can still hide whatever you like from the outside world or your friends.

I don't think the layout is perfect yet, though, because it seems a bit overblown, but it feels easier to navigate around and set up your personal details now. You even have new individual status update options available for everything you could wish for – those who really need it will surely approve.

The timeline also lists everything you did on Facebook in the past, yes. So, if you never deleted any stuff you posted on Facebook, you may be amazed how far back your history dates. But always remember: They only store and show what you gave them in the first place, and you can still delete stuff you don't want others to see.

For those who aren't familiar with German, here's a short description how to activate the new timeline for your profile:

  • First, make sure your Facebook account is already validated via cellphone or credit card number. If it isn't yet, validate it.
  • Go to Facebook Apps and create a new app. Doesn't matter what you name it. Click on through the two or three next steps without changing anything until your app has been created.
  • Go back to your app settings and edit the Open Graph settings. You have to assign at least one function to your app, but it doesn't matter what you choose. For my test app, I just chose "read" and "book."
  • You don't have to customize the app any further, just save your changes and ignore any error messages that may pop up.
  • Visit your profile – et voilà! You're now tagged as a developer and thus can see the new timeline.

Just remember that other people can only see your new timeline if they've already activated the timeline for themselves, else they'll see your old profile until Facebook rolls out the update to everyone.

So, test it for yourself if you wish, and enjoy the new timeline!

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