October 28, 2011

IAmTheRain: Release Spree Started! / Rival Turf: New Free Song!

A lot of new stuff spawns deep in the bowels of Düsseldorf's Con-Sum rehearsal cellars these days! Rival Turf have just released their debut album "ANNIHILISM", and IAmTheRain finally drops a new single too!

But first things first. Rival Turf have revealed the second free song of their new album today, and it's the opener, called "Luchador". You can listen to it right here:

However, the band will probably soon announce their own dissatisfaction with the sound of the album, which turned out quite a bit muffled. Don't fret now, because good news are just around the corner. You will probably see everything concerning the release refreshed with a remastered and definitely better sound over the next few days, and everyone who already ordered the album will get a free updated download, of course.

Then, IAmTheRain mastermind David Händel, who's deeply involved in the just mentioned remastering process for the Rival Turf album, has found the time to finally complete his postponed new single "BetterThanLife" off the upcoming album "Disastre Digital" (November 11), which you can listen to here now:

And last but not least, well, not at all at least actually, something like an upcoming release schedule for IAmTheRain stuff has leaked found its way online. Here's an excerpt of what you can expect in the next few months, and let me tell you, it's a lot!

"Disastre Digital"

Second full album featuring 12 new songs including the previously released single "BetterThanLife" and completely re-recorded versions of "Frozen", "Planetary Re-entry" and "Disaster".

  • Disastre Digital (Intro)
  • Frozen (Disastre Digital Ver.)
  • BetterThanLife
  • What Does It Mean?
  • Gauge
  • Project Peaceforce
  • Planetary Re-entry (Disastre Digital Ver.)
  • InFuture
  • Unknown Sympathy
  • Wunderwelt
  • Disaster (Disastre Digital Ver.)
  • The Remembrance

"Impressions Of Depression"

Never-before released rare full album featuring 12 completely new and unreleased songs. Recorded back in 2009 and held back in favor of the IAmTheRain debut album "The Backsnap Effect". Released as a free Christmas present for all fans.

  • Bad Feelings Are My Friends
  • When I Love You
  • Open End
  • If I Was The Only One
  • Better Be There
  • Good Ghouls
  • I Won't Matter Anymore
  • Coffin Rides
  • On Monitor
  • I Be Blue
  • You're A Monster
  • Catherine

Untitled Best Of Album

20-track compilation of the best IAmTheRain songs released since 2009. Features the five never-before released songs "Been Chasing A Dream", "Passenger 41", "Where Innocence Has Gone So Mad", "Return From Sandland" and "It's Always 4AM". All songs will be remastered for a coherent compilation album sound.

Untitled Classic Songs Compilation

20-track compilation of IAmTheRain songs previously released from 2007 to 2009 under the Ears Shut and Caotic Gene solo projects. Features the single releases "Caotic Gene", "Anyone Never Alone", "Looking For Some Reason?", "Blue Cadillac", "Remedy", and much more. All songs will be remastered for a coherent compilation album sound.

A lot indeed!

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