November 2, 2011

GTA V Trailer Makes My Saliva Dribble

Rockstar North has just kicked the official trailer for GTA V online, and it's looking sweeet once again!

Since I haven't even played the predecessor yet and my time seems way too limited to immerse myself in a time-consuming game like that, I hope this won't turn into another episode of "Aww, I wish I were playing this right now..." for me =)

Check out the fresh trailer here:

GTA V – Official Trailer

via Nerdcore & Rockstar Games

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jrocknyc said...


also, great shot of your nostrils on Halloween :)

Cliff said...

You noticed the trailer only today? I thought you lived in GTA land :D

And uhm yeah, guess they deserved the spotlight for once! ;D

jrocknyc said...

No, i saw it the HOUR it came out! 

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