December 13, 2011

New 12012 Album "Dir en grey" Set for March 2012!

12012 would like to inform you that they have returned from their pause, with the last release dating back to July 2010, and that they now sound like a real band at last.

For over one and a half years, the five band members have been devoting their free time to watching and listening to every single Dir en grey song and video ever released, with one certain goal in mind: finally being just like their biggest idols!

Yes, 12012 fans, please rejoice, rejoice. It's true, and it's done! 12012 are now Dir en grey! This is what you have been waiting for. Please enjoy our new promotional clip.

12012 – "Dir en grey"

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jrocknyc said...

lol awesome "ad" :)

Ghostarm said...

Sounds more like NEGA

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