December 31, 2011

Cliffbuzz 2011: The Year in Review

Almost 2012, but since I'm sidelined either way, it's still time for a little look back at the year on Cliffbuzz with a quick spotlight on the most popular posts, some useless stats, and my own favorite posts of the year.

I didn't see that one coming, but my post about Russian comedian Sam Nickel's voyage to touch 1.000 women's breasts snatched the first place in the most popular posts category with a fabulous 23%, finishing quite a lead ahead of the post that I thought would make it: My little review of Dir en grey's "Dum Spiro Spero" album, which had to give in with a still remarkable 15%. I guess sex still sells the shit like nothing else ;)

Dir en grey also narrowly avoided handing their third spot on the list, which are the samples for their new album (13%), over to my still rising preview of the Dark Knight Rises prologue (12%) – in the end it was a matter of 0.08% and probably would have changed by tomorrow either way!

Number five on the most popular posts list is the first part of my 10 favorite J-rock songs of the year (12%), published in August, but I'm still baffled by how lame that second half of the year was – I couldn't even make a second part to that list. The final three on the list are my Dir en grey Bochum live report (10%), which ended up pretty low for my tastes, my recently posted list of 6 must-have albums of the year (8%), and – surprisingly – my satirical comment on the preview for the new 12012 album (7%), which isn't actually called "Dir en grey," by the way.

On to some demographic facts: About 74% of you are living in Germany, with the US (17%), Austria, the UK, Canada (2%), Japan, Brazil, the Netherlands, Indonesia and Russia (about 1%) also showing remarkable numbers on my visit counter. Thanks to all you guys for stopping by, can't say it too often!

On a less interesting technical note, most of my visitors use either Firefox (43%) or Chrome (30%) to visit my blog, the majority of the rest use browsers like Internet Explorer (13%), Safari (7%) or Opera (2%). The overwhelming lot of visitors also runs Windows (84%), followed by Mac (9%) and Linux (1%), with mobile gadgets like iPhone and Android (>1%) slowly growing in appearance.

Last but not least, let me wish you a happy new 2012 again, and I'll leave you with a handful of my favorite posts of the year:

On a little sidenote, this is actually my 100th post this year, which deserves a happy "cheers!"...see you next year, folks!

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