December 18, 2011

The First 6 Minutes of The Dark Knight Rises Leak, Again!

Several websites like Nerdcore just posted more new leaked material of the first six minutes of The Dark Knight Rises, which we're all dying to see. Oh well, are we? I dunno. It's still seven months until this babe hits theaters, so I just can't convince myself to care yet.

Nevertheless, it's the first six minutes of next year's badass blockbuster and I can't promise it's online for more than a few hours, so check it out while you can. But BE WARNED! As a commenter called deblou66 pointed out, ...

I agree theres no words… that could describe how low the quality of this video is and that ll just spoils the pleasure of really watching for the first time.

The Dark Knight Rises – Leaked 6 Minutes Prologue

You have been warned!

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