December 29, 2011

Gackt: Theme Song for New Dragon Age Anime

After a pretty lackluster new solo single ("Graffiti") and some more boring Christmas love songs from his dude band Yellow Fried Chickenz, Gackt finally rises again for a single that could evoke the spirit of awesome songs like "Redemption" or "Returner" for once.

"Until The Last Day" will be released on 22 February and it's the theme song for something some other fanbase is eagerly waiting for: an original Dragon Age anime, titled Dawn of the Seeker (or Blood Mage no Seisen in Japanese).

A new trailer features half a minute of scenes from the anime, which looks pretty good so far, and Gackt's "Until The Last Day", which sounds both fitting and way more interesting and powerful than his latest releases. Check out the sample in a new trailer for the movie below:

Gackt – "Until The Last Day"
(Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker Trailer Preview)

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