December 4, 2011

Indie Games You Have to Play: Lilly & Sasha Trilogy

Spent my last two weekends totally immersed in old-school RPG action, namely John Wizard's Lilly & Sasha trilogy, consisting of the three fragments Curse of the Immortals, Nexus of Souls and Guardian Angels.

It's a pretty awesome, epic saga well done – props to the developers: Awesome score for a RPG Maker game and a broad and great storyline which gets thoroughly explored in all the three games and adequately finishes off every branch of sidestory in the final part. The characters are loveable, the game's world is vast, pretty and changes throughout the times, and the puzzles are always manageable, though often challenging. Also, the three parts all have their own feel, which keeps things fresh after each cliffhanger.

If you ever feel the need to catch up on a bit of Secret of Mana or Zelda nostalgia, I strongly recommend to grab the first part here (or try the demo first) and you'll want the other two too, believe me.

Lilly & Sasha: Curse of the Immortals – Alpha Preview

The trailers for the games are not the most exciting ones, but the games are way less boring than it may seem.

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