December 31, 2011

Plastic Tree: New Year's Teaser for New Single "Joumyaku"

Plastic Tree are in the wake of something like a career relaunch after switching labels, mysteriously teasing fans with a website countdown, and announcing their new single "Joumyaku", set for release on 29 February.

A 30-second preview of the new song and clip was leaked just in time for the new year, and while this band rarely ever really disappoints, "Joumyaku" sounds like a typical Plastic Tree ballad, though not a bad one at all. I'm looking forward to their new and upcoming stuff.

Sadly I could only link you the YouTube clip that's not available in Germany for the usual GEMA copyright fuck-up, but if you know the right proxy sites, go for it. Otherwise check out my MP3 rip below:

Plastic Tree – "Joumyaku" (Preview)

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