December 28, 2011

Top 20 Hotties in Media & Entertainment 2011

2011 is almost over, which means..? Right, can't have too many top lists! Today it's time to raise the voice for our most beloved beauties in TV and entertainment of the year, and while our list could have been much longer, twenty names shall be enough for this one. "We," that's me and my libido, by the way. But now, enjoy and discuss! =)

20. Emilia Clarke

Seen 2011 in: Game of Thrones

Even if you're not into fantasy at all, this year's show highlight Game of Thrones should have been on your regular watch list. Emilia is a reason why: Her performance as the shy-turning-badass dragon mommy Daenerys Targayen was spot on – and rarely fully clothed. We wonder what the future will hold for sweet Emilia, besides the next season of Game of Thrones, of course.

Fun Facts: In 2009, Emilia (24) graduated from the Drama Centre London. Still, she was "only" the replacement for fellow British actress Tamzin Merchant, who was cast as Daenerys, but dropped out of the pilot for no stated reason.

Why we love her: Besides her awesome fighting spirit as Daenerys, her famous character also is such a giving and caring wife – I believe we were not the only ones jealous of doomed Khal Drogo.

19. Léa Seydoux

Seen 2011 in: Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Midnight in Paris, Mistérios de Lisboa

Beautiful French actress and model Léa Seydoux (26) already raised our eyebrows in Quentin Tarantino's 2009 banger Inglourious Basterds and Ridley Scott's 2010 snoozefest Robin Hood, and now she's climed up some steps to face Tom Cruise in the latest Mission: Impossible movie. While we still have to see this one, Léa is certainly one driving factor behind that urge.

Fun Facts: Not quite a "fun" fact about Miss Seydoux, but you'll see how she almost had to become an actress: Léa is the granddaughter of Jérôme Seydoux, chairman of Pathé, and the grandniece of Nicolas Seydoux, chairman and CEO of Gaumont – the oldest continously operating film company in the world, according to Wikipedia.

Why we love her: She looks just like that little sister you have to protect from all evil. Yet, she often plays rather sinister characters. Does that make her exciting? Yes!

18. Nina Dobrev

Seen 2011 in: The Vampire Diaries, The Roommate, Family Guy

Cute Canadian-Bulgarian Nina (21) is most popular for playing two characters on The Vampire Diaries, and she's the only thing that would lead me to a quick glimpse at the series, also starring Lost casualty Boone and real-life boyfriend Ian Somerhalder. Too bad she doesn't have time for many other roles since that boring vampire drama, but it really doesn't change her hottie potential.

Fun Facts: If you want to impress Nina, learn how to spell her full name in her native language: Нина Константинова Добрева – Nina Konstantinova Dobreva. Doesn't sound as hot as the fact that she's a skiller in Rock Band and aesthetic group gymnastics, right?

Why we love her: If sweet is sexy, then Nina is both at full strength. And if you're pretty much the only reason to watch a TV show, you can't be that awful, I guess?

17. Elizabeth Olsen

Seen 2011 in: Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Silent House

We didn't even know the more popular two Olsen Twins had another sister before we came across Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding, but look at her! Being probably the most gorgeous one of the Olsen siblings, we are glad 22-year-old Lizzie's career is taking off at last, and we'd say she's deserved it: Considering that she's a graduate of the NYU Tisch School of the Arts and the NYC Atlantic Theater Company Acting School, she probably also comes with the Olsens' best-trained on-screen skills.

Fun Facts: Elizabeth is currently rumored to star as Carrie in a Sex and the City prequel, although she denies that. Hell, we would also deny any involvement with horrible things like that!

Why we love her: Lacking the drugged-out glamour look of her Siamese twin sisters, Lizzie doesn't look half as drained. And let's not forget her courage to bravely and fully undress in Martha Marcy May Marlene!

16. Summer Glau

Seen 2011 in: The Cape, The Legend of Hell's Gate: An American Conspiracy, Knights of Badassdom

It's almost Christmas, but we prefer Summer anyway. Most famous for her supporting roles in Firefly and Serenity, Summer Glau has always been on the radar of nerds, since a Joss Whedon encounter prevented her from a miserable fate as Pink Ranger in Power Rangers: Wild Force. Lucky for her – and us, since we can't remember anyone recovering from a role in whatever Power Rangers poopfest.

Fun Facts: Sort of draining a bit of her nerdy coolness, Summer hadn't actually seen any Terminator movies before taking over one of the leads in The Sarah Connor Chronicles. In 2009, she starred as herself in an episode of The Big Bang Theory, called "The Terminator Decoupling."

Why we love her: Sweet Summer Glau still looks like the blooming sunshine – you probably didn't guess that she actually turned 30 in July 2011, right? Guess we should start dancing and kickboxing, too.

15. Miley Cyrus

Seen 2011 in: Hannah Montana, So Undercover, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

At the age of 19, "Smiley" Miley Montana is the sexy nestling among our twenty chosen hotties, and unfortunately also the one girl with the most awful movie résumé of them all this year. At least she has so much other stuff going on that it doesn't really matter: The perky singer also provides Walmart with her exclusive fashion collections, takes part in any charity event there is, constantly has to put up with her annoying has-been dad, and passionately stuffs her bong with salvia yeah right, salvia. Not an easy life in the spotlight for Miley, but it's worth it – for us sure, but especially for her. Read on...

Fun Facts: Money is fun, and Miley equals money like no other teenage sensation. Between June 2010 and July 2011 alone, 19-year-old Miley Montana reportedly earned over $54 million. And we are speechless.

Why we love her: Certainly not because of what she's doing professionally. Except if you're talking about her occasional professional nudie leaks.

14. Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Seen 2011 in: The Thing, Magnificat

A supporting appearance in Tarantino's otherwise rather bland Death Proof sufficed to catapult 27-year-old sweetheart Mary Liz Winstead into our hearts and annual hottie lists. Staying true to her weakness for starring in mediocre horror remakes, prequels or sequels like Final Destination 3 and The Ring Two, Mary was one of the brighter aspects of this year's prequel to the John Carpenter classic The Thing with the same name. We're already excited for her appearance in the upcoming Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter!

Fun Facts: Mary has a few hidden talents, including nice things like dancing, cooking and singing. While we would love to see her do all these three at once, the Death Proof crew was lucky enough to be wowed by Mary's impromptu performance of The Shirelles' "Baby It's You" on the set.

Why we love her: First of all, smiling Mary describes herself as a happy person, what makes us happy, too. She is also pretty fond of her curves, where we can't help but entirely agree with her. And she totally rocked that cheerleader outfit in Death Proof.

13. Mila Kunis

Seen 2011 in: Friends with Benefits, Family Guy, Robot Chicken

Little hot Ukrainian-born Milena Markovna Kunis was one of the most spotlighted hotties this year, even though her only physical appearance took shape in Friends with Benefits this year. The former girlfriend of Kevin Home Alone finally rose to hardcore fame ever since she starred opposite Natalie Portman in Black Swan in 2010, and if you're no weekly watcher of Family Guy, you may still be surprised that she's been the voice of Meg – often flatteringly described as "unattractive teenage girl" – for several years now. Her best times may be still ahead of her, though: We're happily anticipating 2013's Sam Raimi spectacle Oz: The Great and Powerful!

Fun Facts: Gamers rejoice: Mila isn't that much better than you and likes to join forces with her Alliance buddies in World of Warcraft. Narrowly avoiding the game's usual effects like weight gain and lifetime addiction, though, she prefers to a more quiet round of The Settlers of Catan with her friends nowadays.

Why we love her: Of all the ambitious ladies here, Mila surely seems like the most chilled-out and down-to-earth person to hang around with. On her perfect day, she would be "going for a swim, lazing around the house, playing with my dogs, drinking a root beer float, catching up on TiVo, having some food, a glass of wine and calling it a night."

12. Alona Tal

Seen 2011 in: Supernatural, The Killing, Yaldey Rosh Hamemshala

28-year-old Isreali actress Alona is known for her sweet appearances in Veronica Mars and Supernatural, and it seems the producers of the latter love her as much as we do, even bringing her dead character back this year for one (lackluster) episode. Otherwise, you can often see her as the harmless cutie appearing for a handful of scenes, like in The Killing. If you hadn't noticed it, by the way, she also played Mr. Monk's beautiful stepdaughter Molly in the Monk series finale.

Fun Facts: Even though Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas picked Kristen Bell instead of Alona for the lead in his popular series, he liked her so much that he introduced the recurring character Meg Manning only for her. We're sure we would have done the same.

Why we love her: Alona comes with one of the sweetest smiles in TV history. We just wish they hadn't killed her off in Supernatural, so she could have avoided that stupid summoned-by-Osiris farce. Poor Jo!

11. Eliza Dushku

Seen 2011 in: Torchwood: Web of Lies, White Collar, The League

Eliza with the Albanian, Danish and English roots made Buffy watchable for me a long time ago, and she can even turn trashy stuff like Wrong Turn into pleasant entertainment. In 2011, the gorgeous actress focused mostly on TV appearances with roles in the above mentioned series, the comedies Roar of the Crowd and Herd Mentality, and a lot of voice work. Seems we're not the only ones who have fallen in love with that voice by now!

Fun Facts: Eliza not only made nerds happy this year when she appeared on The Big Bang Theory, she even went on to voice Catwoman in the fine, animated Batman: Year One. We approve, DC!

Why we love her: Because she refused to continue living according to her "You have a better chance of seeing God than me naked" statement after she appeared topless in The Alphabet Killer in 2008. And because she keeps on delivering regular and super-hot photo shoots since then. And of course that Catwoman voice thing...rrr!

10. Amanda Seyfried

Seen 2011 in: Big Love, Red Riding Hood, In Time

Top 10 time, and we start with Amanda Seyfried. The sweet actress from Pennsylvania just turned 26, but still looks like that fiery high school crush who broke your heart. She was cast for the role of Linda Lovelace in her biopic, which is set for 2013, but otherwise tends to pick slightly average movies and series, turning her résumé into a steady slope of ups and downs. Still, we're as happy as her smile whenever she appears on our screens.

Fun Facts: Several: She's a model since the age of 11 and a former waitress, is fascinated by weather, of German origin, and a fan of MacGyver and Indiana Jones. Yeah!

Why we love her: "I collect jeans. I don't care how expensive they are. I love low-rise, boot-cut, perfect fitting jeans. I have jeans with holes in them and I have nice jeans. I have casual and I have dressy jeans. I've got all kinds. Jeans are just so sexy, there's something about them that turns me on, you know?" – Yes, Amanda, and your bootybody in those tight jeans totally turns everybody else on!

9. Belén Rodríguez

Seen 2011 in: El programa de Ana Rosa, Se sei così ti dico sì, Commissario Montalbano

The second-best thing Argentina has created after Lionel Messi (although there is some dispute as to whether soccer would stand any chance against the awesomeness that is Belén Rodríguez.) The 27-year-old showgirl, model and "TV personality" doesn't quite fit the profile for most of the entries on our list, but once you know about her, you don't want to forget about her. Racy Belén isn't restricted to her native country, though, and you'll rather see her on TV screens in Italy, where she lives.

Fun Facts: Belén's acting debut wasn't all that long ago. After she started presenting Italian variety shows like Scherzi a parte or Sarabanda, she grabbed a part in the (probably not very awesome) Natale in Sudafrica, which came out only a year ago.

Why we love her: Belén is a sizzling beauty with a body full of wonders. And she's a regular provider of hot paparazzi pics – which is no big deal for her, being the sweetheart of Italy's notorious photo agent Fabrizio Corona.

8. Cheryl Cole

Seen 2011 in: The X Factor, Panorama

Sweet Cheryl didn't have the most successful year (again) after she was more or less kicked out of her judge seat on the American version of The X Factor, because...we don't know. Did people really fail to understand her awesome cute English accent, or did she reject Simon Cowell? We don't know. But we love to see her whenever she's on TV and at least her music career seems to continue without any major pains.

Fun Facts: After raising public awareness like you don't want to – like with a 2003 nightclub bathroom brawl or being betrayed by your husband with more than five women – Cheryl's career has always seemed to include rather sad than fun facts. Only last year, she survived an acute malaria infection after she noticed her strangely blue lips during a photo shoot.

Why we love her: She's not one of your easily interchangeable, boring-regular pop singers in the way that you quickly dismiss and forget about her – she's actually got lots of talents and is a pleasure to behold. And she's got that awesome accent...your loss, America!

7. Ashley Greene

Seen 2011 in: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, A Warrior's Heart, Butter

If there's one thing about Twilight we just don't understand, it's why it's so bad why wallflower Kristen Stewart gets all the fame instead of the incredibly hotter Miss Greene. Okay, obviously she's not the lead of the series, thank God, but she's actually the only reason I can think of to join your girlfriend for a few minutes of Twilight. What sounds more inviting, though, is Ashleys upcoming lead in the movie adaptation of "Olivia Twisted", where she is set to play a 19-year-old gothic female variant of Oliver Twist that kidnaps people.

Fun Facts: Ambitious young Ash won several awards in, for example, taekwondo, regularly thrashing her training opponents. She calls herself a "competitive little sucker." Let's just leave it at that!

Why we love her: Her fully nude bodypaint spread in the SoBe commercials should be convincing enough to love her.

6. Natalie Portman

Seen 2011 in: Thor, No Strings Attached, Your Highness

One of our all-time favorite actresses and people to look at, there is no end in sight for Natalie's all-embracing hotness. As we just read with amazement, the ravishing Israeli-born star didn't only give birth to her first child, son Aleph, this year, but she actually turned 30 in June! But there's neither the pain of aging nor any slowing down ahead for Natalie yet, it seems. She was pretty busy for her lack of spare non-family time this year, even if we can totally understand her bowing out from the lead role in the upcoming parody mashup Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Fun Facts: Once in 1999, Natalie directed a lovely concealed middle finger at George Lucas before every other Star Wars fan did the same thing, only louder: She missed the premiere for the oh-so hyped Star Wars: Episode 1, because...she had to study for her exams. Priorities, George!

Why we love her: Because she's a classy lady with style, a fantastic résumé, and gorgeous looks, of course. Also, because she had the guts to drop out of the terribly overhyped Girl with the Dragon Tattoo out of sheer exhaustion.

5. Emma Stone

Seen 2011 in: Friends with Benefits, Crazy, Stupid, Love., The Help

You probably won't see Emma Stone in many top lists like this, at least not that high up, and that's a shame. The 23-year-old natural blonde has only been around in Hollywood's movie department since her 2007 debut in Superbad, but instantly went from nobody to oh hottie! She picked up quite a few noteworthy roles this year, the biggest one probably being one of the leads in the adaptation of Kathryn Stockett's best-selling The Help. In 2012, the sweetheart with the raspy voice will probably shoot up to even bigger fame with her lead role in The Amazing Spider-Man, probably the first Spider-Man movie we'll really enjoy.

Fun Facts: Her real name is Emily and her voice the result of suffering from baby colic (constant screaming as a kid). While we don't envy her parents, we still envy all her boyfriends.

Why we love her: Ever since Superbad, the guys love Emma for her sexy, sultry voice and talent for comedy. She hosted Saturday Night Live for the second time in November, and if you ask us, she could host our Saturday nightlife every week.

4. Emmy Rossum

Seen 2011 in: Shameless, Inside

Emmanuelle Grey Rossum displays a presence of sexy you can't argue with – if you're watching Shameless, you know what we're talking about. The 25-year-old beauty from New York City definitely isn't the sweet and innocent Christine she played in 2004's The Phantom of the Opera anymore. The audience certainly approves, Emmy! We're sorry, though, that we still can't say anything about her second line of career, which consists of singing and songwriting. Check out her 2007 debut album "Inside Out", if you prefer hearing her instead of drooling all over your couch.

Fun Facts: Emmy's IMDB trivia page lists a pretty interesting trademark of her: "Always kisses someone at least once." They don't say where, but that's certainly an honorable trait of character as it is.

Why we love her: Obviously because she's a smart flower with awesome Bambi eyes, a body of glorious perfection, and a sweet future ahead of her.

3. Dianna Agron

Seen 2011 in: Glee, I Am Number Four

Dianna Agron is as cute as Hollywood gets. We can't see any faults about this adorable beauty, except that her résumé is focused on Glee, maybe. The 25-year-old PETA supporter with the good taste in music (Radiohead) forever outshines her more popular Glee colleague and former roommate Lea Michele, though, and if you should ever catch us watching that show, you know why!

Fun Facts: The family of Dianna's dad is of Russian descent. His original surname was actually "Agronsky." She also has a "Mary had a little lamb" tattoo on her left ribcage, which refers to Dianna's mom Mary and herself as the little lamb. Aww!

Why we love her: Seriously, she might star in whatever she wants – we're instantly enamored whenever she pops up somewhere.

2. Odette Annable

Seen 2011 in: House, The Double, Breaking In

House may become crappier with every new episode, but our number 3 certainly doesn't! Quite the contrary: Stunningly beautiful Odette Annable is one of the few reasons to keep watching yet another unsatisfying season. The 26-year-old Cloverfield star, who was known as Odette Yustman before she married her Brothers & Sisters colleague Dave Annable in October 2010, has Italian and French roots, was born in Colombia, and raised in Nicaragua. That's quite a journey, and we're happy you made it to our TV screens!

Fun Facts: She's a big fan of Angelina Jolie, but much hotter. Well, at least that's our opinion. And she seems to be a dog person, owning a puppy with the lovely name Navy, and she probably loves marines.

Why we love her: Can we just redirect you to the movie poster of The Unborn? Oh, and just ignore the creepy Photoshop kid.

1. Amber Heard

Seen 2011 in: The Rum Diary, The Playboy Club, Drive Angry

Congratulations to our hottie of the year: Amber Heard! Good news after a so-so successful year for the dazzling 25-year-old – the Never Back Down star's new series The Playboy Club was canceled after only a handful of episodes, and her appearance in Johnny Depp's The Rum Diary was rarely ever mentioned. Obviously because no one went to see the movie. Still, there has been no greater hotness in TV and entertainment beyond Miss Heard this year, we agreed, and all you girls out there may secretly dream, too. Here is what Amber says about her sexuality: "I don't label myself one way or another – I have had successful relationships with men and now a woman. I love who I love; it's the person that matters." Well said, sweet one!

Fun Facts: Not exactly fun, rather sad actually, but fact nevertheless: After her best friend died in a car crash, the Catholic-raised Amber, then aged 16, became an atheist. She then left high school, went to New York and started modeling.

Why we love her: Isn't it pretty obvious? Not only did she sparkle her beauty in a rum-soaked movie we anticipated for such a long time, she's also clever, cool, and totally awesome.

Honorably mentioned...

  • Anna Torv – Almost made the list. She keeps Fringe hot, especially during her Fauxlivia appearances. The red hair's better for you, girl!
  • Esmé Bianco – Another Game of Thrones discovery, and she's naked in virtually every scene she appears in. Too bad her scenes are still pretty rare.
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt – Not much positive stuff to report from Miss Love this year, but she's been one of our favorite sweet actresses since I Know What You Did Last Summer and we still heart her.
  • Kate Beckinsale – Has to be mentioned, obviously. Kate is gorgeous and probably stays gorgeous until she's 70. And she's cool and a nerd, too. Like!
  • Olivia Wilde – If you missed one name in our Top 20, it's probably hers. Sorry Liv, we really like you and you're smokin' for sure, but there can only be twenty!
  • Scarlett Johansson – As sad as it sounds, Scarlett starred in nothing we can think of this year except for her own leaked nudie pics. Thanks for that, but sorry – no spot!

I have certainly forgotten about two or three lovelies who should have been in the list, but with so much beauty on your screen you can easily lose orientation. Nevertheless, what's your opinion? And who are your top entertainment hotties of the year? Let us know in the comments!

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