January 25, 2012

10 More Great Games for Your Android (Part 5)

Hey there, it's 2012 – as if you didn't know by now – and it's been a while since my last list of Android recommendations. So I guess it's time for a new compilation of some of the more recent Android games I've been playing recently – enjoy!

Earlier lists:

Bloons TD 4

Developer: Digital Goldfish Ltd
Price: $2.99

Bloons TD 4 is short and stylish for "Balloons Tower Defense 4", and that's what it is: a classic tower defense game where you have to pop balloons of different sorts. You can also play this one on your computer for free over at NinjaKiwi, by the way, and they have also released the fifth installment already. In Bloons TD 4, you can choose from a lot of different towers and things to defend yourself against the hordes of balloons, such like spike traps, cannons, and even ships and airplanes (which can reveal those sneaky camouflage bloons). If you win enough levels and gold medals, some bonuses are unlocked to make your life easier during the more difficult levels – and they're much needed: While you may be safe with a certain strategy in the beginning, the later levels are quite a challenge!

Eve of the Genesis

Developer: Kemco Games
Price: $4.99

Kemco can't produce enough RPGs for this world, and Eve of the Genesis is yet another good entry in their mobile RPG collection. The visuals and battle system are reminiscent of good old Final Fantasy VI or similar 16-bit RPGs, and of course there's also a vast story, taking place in the Empire of Gadalia, 2000 years after a terrible war between the human population and mechanical beings, which were apparently sent from the heavens, erupted and shattered the lands. Eve of the Genesis is a classic RPG coming with the usual array of equipment options, spells, attacks, characters and so on, and it's as recommendable as most of Kemco's other RPGs, though not necessarily less expensive.

World of Goo

Developer: 2D Boy
Price: free; $4.99 (Full Version)

The famous casual game for PC has arrived on Android and the full version is quite a bit expensive, but I guess you will have to pay for all those awards won by 2D Boy's shining star if you want to have it all. The gameplay works just fine, as was to be expected, and it's still a lot of fun to explore this world full of different gooey thingies you have to connect in order to build giant bridges, paths or whatever, to finally reach your destination of choice – always hoping that you won't run out of the necessary survivors to complete the level. You can check this one out on whatever platform you like, and you certainly won't regret it.

Night of the Living Dead Defense

Developer: SGN
Price: $0.99

A spinoff of the beloved GRave Defense games set in the open-domain franchise of George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead with the same style of challenging gameplay. You need to defend various exits from the hordes of zombies strolling through the level by placing dudes with a shotgun, freezer or net cannon on predefined spots – and yeah, you basically have the same arsenal as in the original series, they were just replaced with new graphic models. That doesn't take away from all the fun, though, but I hope SGN quickly adds more levels to the different campaigns, because there just aren't that many stages so far. Fun it is nevertheless, so don't be afraid to grab it!

Texas Hold'em Poker 2

Developer: Gameloft
Price: $2.99

One of the best poker apps I've seen so far; features almost everything a poker fan could wish for. You can choose between fast play and a career mode that takes you to tournaments and tables all around the world, including opposing "star" players and a gradually more and more addictive campaign. Then, Texas Hold'em Poker 2 also comes with a sweet tutorial for any kind of player, especially recommendable for the untrained ones or those who want to learn a bit more about the game. It also tickles your knowledge with various tests. And if you're more of an Omaha poker fan, just play this variation instead, because it's available, too. You see, this is quite a whole package, just missing online play against human opponents, but I wouldn't do that on my smartphone anyway, so that's just fine with me.


Developer: DotEmu
Price: $1.99

The classic side-scrolling shooter I already played many years ago on my old Super Nintendo is now available for Android smartphones and it still rocks! Your mission: Get into your futuristic Arrowhead spaceship and blast away! In your struggle against the Bydo Empire and countless foes that want to kill you, you'll fly through 8 pretty challenging levels with 8 awesome big bosses. And you can even switch between three different control modes which allow you to play as you like. Lots of weapons, upgrades and gritty visuals are the norm for R-Type games, of course, and this version won't disappoint.

Guns'n'Glory WW2

Developer: HandyGames
Price: free

Yet another tower defense game (by now you should have realized that I love those). While the first, also pretty fun Guns'n'Glory was set in the Wild West and made you guard valleys and such with your riflemen and grenadiers, the sequel takes you ahead to World War II, urging you to defend either your Allied or Axis bases against the invading troops. Both of the playable forces come with their own set of unique units, different advantages, and various updates to unlock. The funny presentation, the twelve challenging maps, and the engaging gameplay make Guns'n'Glory WW2 a fine example of its craft, which you can also grab for free.

Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia

Developer: Minoraxis, Inc.
Price: free; $3.69 (Full Version)

One of the many great action RPGs on Android, Minoraxis' Exitium has its price, but also totally beautiful visuals and gameplay which keeps you hooked for a whole while. In Vardonia, two kingdoms are at war, and you can choose to restore the peace either as a berserker, paladin, priestess or mage. Each character has its share of spells, attacks, specials and so on, you can also power your character up with a range of equipment or create your own items. The vast story offers a lots of challenging fights as well as interesting quests and side missions on your way to save the day, so don't miss it.

A Space Shooter For Free

Developer: Frima Studio Inc.
Price: free; $0.99 (Full Version)

One of the funniest and best conventional shooter games I've played, and free at that. You're an alien-hating commander on your way to eradicate waves of foes with your big arsenal of weapons and 40+ upgrades and power-ups, and contrary to most other retro shooters, ASSFF also features hilarious cutscenes, high-resolution visuals, and awesome boss fights. There's a campaign mode as well as a challenging survival option, and you can upgrade the free app to its "bigass" version for only $0.99 (in-game purchase), which offers additional bosses, difficulties and even more fun weapons. If you're into shooters, don't miss out on this little jewel, which is awesome for its price!

Sentinel 3: Homeworld

Developer: Origin8 Technologies Ltd.
Price: $2.89

The final tower defense recommendation for now (I promise!), but it's too good to be left out. With awesome presentation and over 20 turrents, drones and special abilities, Sentinel 3 really stands out from the mass of tower defense games. It also comes with its own little twist in form of a commander unit, which you can move to certain spots to support your defensive units with powerful and unique special attacks. The game features over 20 levels, some of which don't differ all too much, but you'll have your hands full keeping your gates defended against incoming forces anyway. Since you have to unlock most units and specials, be prepared for some addictive action with Sentinel 3, which is easily worth its price.

Ah, can't have enough cool Android games, right? But now it's your turn to recommend some stuff in the comments!

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