January 16, 2012

2 Broke Girls: Fuck Yeah Kat Dennings!

I'm just started watching 2 Broke Girls a few days ago, the new comedy series with Kat Dennings (Darcy from Thor) and Beth Behrs as the eponymous two ladies with no money. What's the big deal, you ask, and you're right – it's certainly not the funniest or best comedy I've ever seen, and it's actually rather crappy at times.

But...I can't tell you how much I've fallen in love with Kat Dennings after only a few scenes. She's easily the star of the show, acting the shit out of her character and delivering her punchlines in such an adorably dry and lovely way that you have to smile even if it's just the next lousy vagina joke in the script. Just her character is reason enough to spend a few minutes of your week with this show.

Check out the opening scene with Max at her best:

2 Broke Girls – Opening Scene

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Eule said...

I so agree with you about Kat Dennings which is sadly not enough to bear another episode of that shitfest. Although I heard it really picked up in the middle of the season, so maybe I'll give it another chance sometime. Oh, and you didn't mention her nude pics, don't tell me you missed that! XD

Cliff said...

Of course I didn't! :D ... I thought you'd just turn to me if you didn't discover them on your own =)

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