January 14, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises: Trilogy Closure Curse Incoming?

There's quite a buzz and demand right now for John Couture's VideoETA post where he's musing about why The Dark Knight Rises is destined to fail.

Besides stating quite some facts where I'm compelled to agree with him, the post includes the following awesome and pretty much spot-on infographic by Dan Meth:

The Trilogy Meter by Dan Meth

While Dan might be dead wrong about his Indiana Jones trilogy rating or the popularity and quality of The Dark Knight, the overall message of the image pretty much speaks the truth: most third parts are pretty bad. Let's just hope we don't put our faith in Nolan for nothing! =)

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Cengiz Ergin said...

Here's hoping for a Die Hard 3 (the best I think)!

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