January 26, 2012

Debut Trailer for Anime RPG Toki to Eien Released, Looks Gorgeous

Bandai Namco Games has released the official debut trailer for Imageepoch's upcoming RPG sensation Toki to Eien: Tokitowa, or Time and Eternity, as it will probably be called overseas, and it looks pretty awesome!

Imageepoch, who have risen to popularity with their Nintendo DS hits 7th Dragon and the Luminous Arc series, teamed up with anime studio Satelight (Macross Frontier) and Taiwanese illustrator VOFAN for Time and Eternity, which was announced as the "first HD-animated RPG," meaning that even the regular gameplay feels as if you're watching an anime. And the few short in-game scenes in the trailer look absolutely gorgeous indeed.

Now they only have to present an engaging story. A snippet from the description of the YouTube clip below reads as follows:

The game revolves around an 18-year-old knight, played by Tsubasa Yonaga. The knight is about to marry the Kamuza Kingdom's 16-year-old sorcerer princess named Toki, played by Kana Hanazawa. However, Toki learns from a fortuneteller that someone will attack the two during their wedding ceremony.

Check out the beautiful fresh trailer below, even if the gameplay elements are sort of rushing by way too fast:

Toki to Eien: Tokitowa – Debut Trailer

via Sankaku Complex

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