January 16, 2012

Did Lana Del Rey Blow Her Cover on SNL?

The internet has found a new focus to hate on, and this time shit hit indie starlet Lana Del Rey, who performed her breakthrough hits "Blue Jeans" and "Video Games" live on TV for the first time during last Saturday's Saturday Night Live.

Over the last few months, voices all around the web got louder that Del Rey allegedly was more of a viral internet sensation made to sell than an actual authentic and self-made talent who rose to stardom all by herself, and indeed it's quite baffling how much hype the 25-year-old generated with her debut single alone.

Now, while Del Rey's performance on SNL really wasn't awesome or outrageously brilliant, I have certainly seen much bigger stars delivering much worse shows. It's still a bit sad to see her underwhelm everyone like that, but feel free to judge for yourself:

Lana Del Rey – "Blue Jeans" (Live on SNL)

Del Rey's debut album "Born to Die" will be released on January 31, by the way.

via ame & CraveOnline

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