January 12, 2012

Dir en grey: Remastered "Uroboros" Turns Out Fine

Japanese metalcore heroes Dir en grey have just re-released their 2008 album "Uroboros", after producer Tue Madsen remastered the hell out of it. Apparently unsatisfied with the original mix of the album, the band chose Madsen for the task, who also did the mastering for their latest album, 2011's "Dum Spiro Spero".

Now while you can still love the original "Uroboros", you have to admit that the often muddled mix and tinny, weak drums took away from some of the joy of the heavy and experimental songs. So, did Madsen's effort help the sound of the album? Oh, but yes!

The remastered songs mostly profit from the work that was done and now feature much more punch behind the drums, easily noticeable if you just compare the sound of Shinya's snare hits, for example. Songs like the heavier "Vinushka" and "Reiketsu nariseba" feel more intense now, while the majority of the songs also comes with a much clearer production. This works out fine in the case of songs like the ultimately pretty "Inconvenient Ideal" or the heavy, sinister "Doukoku to sarinu", which make it easy for you to discover all the little beautiful stuff hidden in the instrumentals now. Kyo's voice and vocals also profit a lot from the remastering and don't get buried in a muffled instrumental overload anymore.

Not all songs have been improved by Madsen's efforts, though. Especially the beloved "Toguro" or the playful "Stuck Man" didn't have to be as clear as they now are and felt more "right" with the rougher sound of the original mix. Then again, you probably won't ever listen to the old versions of "Glass Skin" or "Dozing Green" again after you enjoyed the new ones. And while nothing has been re-recorded for the second release, the so-called "Remastered & Expanded" edition of the album now features the long version of the intro "Sa Bir", a remastered version of "Hydra 666", and the "Respira" prelude to "Bugaboo", which was only performed during live shows until now. All those additions aren't really worth spending any money on the remastered "Uroboros", but they're a nice touch for fans who must own everything.

Overall, you will certainly enjoy the new release of the album, but you still have to decide yourself whether to purchase it, if you already own the original. If you didn't own "Uroboros" yet, you can't go wrong with the new edition.

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Carter Jennings said...

Bugaboo Respira has never been performed live, it was originally a hidden track on the Uroboros vinyl.

Cliff said...

Ah, good to know, thanks!

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