January 6, 2012

Game of Thrones RPG Looking Promising

Game of Thrones was one of the hottest TV newcomers in 2011, spawning quite a demand for George R. R. Martin's epic novel series and other related media. Gamers were only served a pretty disappointing strategy game, though, but that wasn't the end of the line yet.

Not at all, apparently: Paris-based studios Cyanide are currently developing a role-playing game set in Westeros, which looks rather promising so far! It actually looks a Dragon Age spin-off to me, which wouldn't be the worst thing, right?

With George R. R. Martin also involved in the project, there's much hope for a good storyline, and it's no surprise that the mood and settings seem really appropriate in the trailers. Check out the new "winter trailer" below and keep yourself updated via the game's official website!

Game of Thrones: The RPG – Winter Trailer

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