January 14, 2012

IAmTheRain: Best Of Coming Valentine's Day, Song Selection Sheet Leaked

David Händel's former solo project IAmTheRain may have been declared dead after the release of last December's Christmas surprise album "Impressions Of Depression", but there's still one more thing fans can look forward to before the new project ProximaShines takes off and Händel quits IAmTheRain once and for all.

As we reported earlier, Händel once planned to release two more albums to complete his IAmTheRain streak – a Best Of album and a collection of remastered classic songs recorded prior to the inception of IAmTheRain. The latter release is still happily floating in limbo, but we finally received some new information concerning the now expanded Best Of album, which will be released on Valentine's Day this year.

Instead of the 20 previously submitted songs, a leaked tracklist sheet includes a whopping 34 (!) songs spread over three CDs, which feature even more than the five earlier announced unreleased songs (including "Passenger 41" below) – there's a whole bonus disc with 14 additional unreleased songs in the current line-up.

IAmTheRain – "Passenger 41"

The 14 bonus tracks include the long-anticipated regular edit of the once 32-minute-long epic "What Does It Mean?" as well as full versions of the former intro "Disastre Digital" and the B-side "The Longing", songs which didn't make the final cut for the latest new album like "Gauge" and "Unknown Sympathy", and a lot of demo and studio live recordings of several never-before heard and probably never really finished songs.

Promising a whole lot of precious music for all IAmTheRain fans out there, the Best Of collection will also feature thoroughly remastered versions of almost all the songs on the first two discs. I'm already more than fond of the package in its current state, so keep your eyes open and check out the tentative tracklist for the whole thing on the leaked sheet image below – just know that I can't promise that this isn't only a pool of songs available for the collection and not the final selection at all. An * asterisk indicates previously unreleased songs, by the way.

Leaked IAmTheRain Best Of Album Tracklist Sheet

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