January 3, 2012

IAmTheRain Dies, But ProximaShines

After releasing a pretty awesome ensemble of 3 albums, 2 EPs and 8 singles, alternative idol David Händel shuts down his solo project IAmTheRain after two years – only to make way for a new sound and a new direction!

ProximaShines is Händel's latest and brand-new project, another one-man band with him directing every piece of the cake. And being the busy man he is, he has also released two teasers near the end of 2011, which hint at the sound ProximaShines will be moving towards.

The two teasers still miss vocals and feature a pretty raw sound, but if you've been following Händel's career over the last few years, you know that vocals are always the last thing on his to-do list. Anyway, click the play button and don't forget to check out the new ProximaShines Facebook page, where you will find all the future updates first.

ProximaShines – "Pretty In The Sunshine" (Teaser Ver.)

ProximaShines – "Beauty Is A Weapon" (Teaser Ver.)

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