January 12, 2012

Indie Games You Have to Play: Dawn's Light

Over a month ago, I recommended John Wizard's great Lilly & Sasha trilogy in one of my "Indie Games You Have to Play" episodes. After sort of falling into a heavy retro RPG addiction, I went to check John Wizard's portfolio again and found even more games by Australian indie developer Daniel Newey and his partner in crime Andrew [last name unknown to me].

Dawn's Light was actually the first RPG Maker VX game Newey created under his John Wizard moniker, and it's another great example of exciting retro role-playing in the finest SNES tradition. I already played through the first part and just started Dawn's Light 2 a few weeks ago, and I'm still baffled by the professional game design, which relies on funny quests, hilarious characters, a cool story, and many exciting locations instead of the usual repetitive grinding.

I can only recommend these games to you; they're affordable and will certainly warm your heart with nostalgic goodness. And Newey wasn't lazy at all – he even made two short Christmas special episodes with the characters from Dawn's Light, namely A Christmas Tale and Another Christmas Tale, both of which are free and fun.

Head over to John Wizard Games to grab the games, and if you want to know more about Daniel Newey, check out this interview with him at Gamezebo, and just below you'll find the trailer for Dawn's Light 2.

Dawn's Light 2 – Official Trailer

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