January 28, 2012

Alcatraz - The 63s Trading Card Archive

The new FOX show Alcatraz has just started into its first season, and while the reviews of the first few episodes were rather mixed and criticize the often lazy writing and seemingly overall lack of direction, I really enjoy the show so far – not only for Hurley Jorge Garcia, of course. Sarah Jones is also hot, after all ;D

Alcatraz features a new escapee-of-the-week with every episode, and the showrunners already talked about how they believed that everyone would find their own favorite villain of the show, just like you had your own favorite trading cards back in the days.

True, they picked some charismatic faces for their first foes, like the enigmatic and creepy-as-hell Michael Eklund, who appeared in Fringe and Supernatural among so much other stuff. I bet it won't take all too long for Mark Pellegrino to show up as one of the reappearing inmates – that awesome dude plays a major role in almost any TV show I like.

So, I was bored last night and thought, why not make an overview website for all the Alcatraz creeps of the week? You can find the page here: Alcatraz – The 63s

I'm happy about every sort of feedback or scoop to update the list! Just drop me a comment or email.

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