January 10, 2012

ProximaShines Releases First Digital Single

Earlier than expected, ProximaShines has launched its first official piece of music with the brand-new digital single "It's Kristah", which you can download for free right here!

ProximaShines is the new band of David Händel, who is known for his former solo projects IAmTheRain and Caotic Gene. Switching from a lot of experimental stuff to focusing a more intense sound, ProximaShines sets out to deliver more serious and even better material than all of Händel's earlier projects. Check out the single below to get a first impression!

And more happy news are also following from Rival Turf: The guys have just reduced the cost of their debut album "Annihilism" by 100 percent – which means you can grab the whole thing for free now, too! Check out the new post on the official homepage for a quick link to the 11-track album (plus bonus material) and enjoy the hell out of it!

ProximaShines – "It's Kristah"

»  ProximaShines – "It's Kristah" (Digital Single)
»  Rival Turf – "Annihilism" (Free Album Download)

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