February 7, 2012

Dir en grey's Kyo Diagnosed With Vocal Cord Nodule, Tour Canceled

Pretty sad news today for Dir en grey enthusiasts: As tokyohive reports, the band has canceled their upcoming March North American tour after vocalist Kyo was diagnosed with vocal cord nodule, already leading to voice disorder:

According to his agency, Kyo needs to have an early surgery due to the deterioration of his pharyngeal polyp, and he will consult with his doctor for more examination, including about the surgery.

That's pretty awful if you consider that Hizumi, singer of the beloved and popular J-rock band D'espairsRay, suffered from similar problems a while ago and had to quit his activities altogether, putting the band on "indefinite hiatus." Famous British singer Julie Andrews is another notable victim of the condition.

I guess we can't do much about all of that except hope for skilled people at the scapels and a quick recovery for Kyo's furious vocal chords. The guy just has to keep going...I hope he grants himself some quiet time off for now.

Dir en grey – "Drain Away"

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Edit: The band has issued another statement:

[...] with respect to the results of Kyo's physical examination, DIR EN GREY will also momentarily stop activities from there on until further notice.

It is said that in his everyday life the conditions of Kyo's throat are not very severe, however, it is of great importance that he does not use his voice excessively. With regard to the further development, it might become necessary to perform surgery for full recovery, which is yet uncertain.

"We are deeply sorry for all our fans and with regard to all acquaintances. We hope everyone understands that this decision is of great bitterness to us. We are very grateful for the continuous support of all fans."

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