February 14, 2012

Gackt: PV for New Dragon Age Theme Revealed

As I earlier reported, Japan's golden throat Gackt composed the theme song "Until The Last Day" for the upcoming Dragon Age anime Dawn of the Seeker. Today, the full PV for Gackt's latest single arrived, and it features a lot of scenes from the movie Dragon Age fans are eagerly anticipating.

The video not only looks just fine, but the song actually belongs to Gackt's more awesome recent efforts, which is why I think you should just check out the clip below and enjoy!

Gackt – "Until The Last Day"

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jrocknyc said...

Kinda heavy, and almost makes me want to play the game (but its an rpg, right? So no way!)

Cliff said...

It is, pretty action-fueled RPG, though. The first DA was great, but the second more of a dumbed-down rushed disappointment.

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