February 9, 2012

House to Conclude After Current Season

The day House followers have been dreading for months has come – the producers have officially decided to conclude the show after the current 8th season and explain their move in an open letter to the fans:

After much deliberation, the producers of House M.D. have decided that this season of the show, the 8th, should be the last. By April this year they will have completed 177 episodes, which is about 175 more than anyone expected back in 2004.

While all this comes as a full package of sad news for those who have loved the show for the last eight years (me included), it's probably for the better to end the show now, after the previous season as well as the current one have already seen quite a decline in writing and quality compared to the years before.

Ausiello teases that we can at least look forward to a satisfying series finale, which will air this May and which might see some of the earlier regulars like Liza Edelstein, Jennifer Morrison or Olivia Wilde return for a final appearance. I'm really looking forward to an awesome finale and let's keep our fingers crossed that they'll finish the series in style.

We're gonna miss you, Greg!

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Eule said...

I have to say, I actually like the current season, mostly because they keep the personal stories of the main characters at a minimum. A medical case and House fucking with the rest of the team, that's all I want from the show. Of course for most of the fans it wouldn't be satisfying if it only came down to this over the course of a few years but seasons 6 & 7 (and actually also season 5 to some degree) showed that it always ended in a trainwreck when the writers went for too much character driven storylines.
I would be very fine with the show taking more a CSI-esque direction where you could tune in once in a while and enjoy an hour without having seen any other episode but I can also live with a decent ending. I just hope they don't bring back Cuddy (fuck her!) and please for the love of god don't let them end up being together.

Cliff said...

Oh yes, that's what I hope (and expect)...they wouldn't put them together again, they knew their lovey-dovey storyline failed, and they learned from it. I was quite fond of the latest episode and the Chase surprise; this episode was SO MUCH better than everything in the last two years.

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